America, VOTE a NEW president who WILL #PardonAssange! (EN, ES, IT, NL)

Yes, Julian is FREE! and SAFE! (not in #USUK)
but he still needs to be PARDONED.

Julian has now been released from his 5 years torture in Belmarsh after making a forced, false “confession”. However, for true justice to prevail and to fully restore the legal situation for both Julian himself as well as for global journalism he still must be PARDONED so that this whole rotten case against him AND the FREEDOM OF PRESS can be thrown out of the window forever.

Both Biden and Trump have NOT pardoned Julian while they could. So, why would either of them suddenly change his mind now, unless it were just to catch votes of the distracted? On top of that, both are not truly comitted to #PardonAssange, they only have said in some occasion to “consider” it…

America must VOTE a NEW next US president to #PardonAssange! (one of the “third” candidates – tell your friends in the US!)

Several censored US presidential candidates have committed to #PardonAssange convincingly (not like those other two puppets). Robert F. Kennedy Jr. and Jill Stein are the best known, but on X you find a more complete list:

#USElections2024 #NoFreeAssangeNoVote
Who will #PardonAssange if elected #POTUS in ’24?

(from X – 24/06/24)

These candidates are being silenced just like Julian himself!

…and by the same forces. So it’s we, the people, that have to boost these candidates by making them go viral on social networks, using the collective hashtag #PardonAssange. And not just people from the US but from the world over. In fact, the rest of the world should make them go viral in the US and reach American voters!

A next NEW president of the US who will pardon Julian and global journalism.

Once this next NEW president of the US pardons Assange no “crime” will have been committed and both Julian AND global journalism are no longer “guilty” of anything. Only then global press will return to be as free (=more honest) as before the witch hunt against Julian Assange, whistleblowers and investigative journalism in general. Only then institutional crime and corruption can be revealed again more safely. Such a new start for #HonestNews is a must for a more transparent, honest and just world. The Americans as a people now have a real chance in their hands to open that path for themselves and the rest of the world. Let’s hope they will vote wisely.

END WAR? “started by (media) lies”

The issue of greatest international concern , together with global Freedom of Press (=more transparency), is of course war. US  is the nation that has started, supported or somehow was engaged in more wars than any other country in the world, ever! Or is that still an English “honor”?
In any case, the “third” candidates who on one hand  support #PardonAssange, coincidentally, or not, also happen to be the ones who propose reduction of US military spending and deployment.
Direct link to Chase Oliver‘s and Jill Stein‘s statements in the interview by “Rising” (below) and Robert Kennedy in his Peace and Diplomacy speech the essence of which is integrated in this compilation for Free Speech and Peace.

Apart from that… have you seen “the debate”?

What to say? In the eyes of many people, both the current president as the former president made a terrible performance, each in his own peculiar “style”. This is yet another reason for Americans to VOTE for a NEW president who can actually be taken seriously, also by other countries.


  • Julian was put and kept IN jail because he ‘influenced‘ USAmerican elections (amongst other)
  • Let’s get him OUT again, precisely by “influencing” them yet another time!
    Wouldn’t this just be an elegant irony?
    (Anyway, it’s still a good idea to “influence” the 2024 US elections.)

Independently of the candidate, the message we have to get “out there” is that the next president of the US WILL pardon Assange! In reality, simply creating this idea is good enough already, so let’s just FEED that idea. And it’s not waiting for the elections themselves, but precisely NOW in the run-up to the elections.

Making the hashtag #PardonAssange go viral will:

  • put pressure on the US to drop the charges;
  • and put pressure on the UK to set Julian FREE!
    (what sense to keep him in Belmarsh if the next president is going to pardon him anyway?)