The Fight for Palestine = The Fight for TRUTH = The Fight to #FreeAssange

FREEDOM for Julian Assange
TRUTH of information
TRUTH about Palestine

Freedom for Assange
Truth for Palestine
The same fight
The same urgency

Help the fight to #FreeAssange
so TRUTH about Palestine
can reach the world
now and in the future.
FREE the TRUTH to stop ALL wars.


What can we do?

Easy, buttons, buttons, buttons!
Start wearing your #FreeAssange button and/or t-shirt right now! Every day, the whole day and clearly visible on your coat, your shirt, your pants. And engage new people when they ask. Time is running out!

Julian allowed the TRUTH to be exposed about corruption and war crimes of the US
and for that he has suffered 5 years of solitary confinement in Belmarsh, UK
Now he is dying and could be extraditaded after court decision on 20-21 february.
#USUK set Julian FREE, he has committed no crime and he has not been convicted or even charged.