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(Julian Assange – 2011)
Margaret Thatcher had it right. (1987)
There is no society anymore.
What there is…
is a transnational security elite…
that is busy carving up the world…
using your tax money.

(President Eisenhower – 1961)
We must guard against…
the acquisition of unwarrented influence
by the military-industrial complex (MIC).
The potential for the desastrous rise
of misplaced power exists.
And will persist.
We must never let the weight
of this combination endanger…
our liberties or democratic processes.

(Julian Assange – 2011)
In democracies or…
the pseudo-democracies
that we’re evolving into…
wars are a result of lies.

(John F. Kennedy – 1963) 
The very word “secrecy” is repugnant
in a free and open society.
We decided long ago…
that the dangers of excessive
and unwarrented conceilment…
of pertinent facts…
far outweigh the dangers
which are cited to justify it.

(Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – 2023)
My uncle’s commitment to peace…
bore fruit in the limited test ban treaty
of august 1963.
But his assassination that november
turned the nation down another path.
His successors have launched
one war after another.

(Julian Assange – 2011)
I.e. the goal is to have an endless war,
not a succesful war.

(Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – 2023)
Waging endless wars abroad.

(Julian Assange – 2011)
Very soon, within the next few years
it will become…
the “normal” for there to be
a constant war in the West.
People will reach maturity and adulthood
under the understanding…
that there is always a war.
War will become the “new normal”.

(John F. Kennedy – 1963)
For we are opposed around the world
by a monolithic and ruthless conspiracy.

(Julian Assange – 2011)
To combat that elite…
we must not petition…
we must take it over.

(Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – 2023)
I’m speaking here today
to take a radically different path…
a path towards peace.
We have been immersed
in a foreign policy discourse…
that is all about adversaries and threats
and allies and enemies and domination.
We’ve become addicted to comic-book [Hollywood]
good versus evil narratives.
Everything becomes a war.
The war on drugs, the war on terror…
war on cancer,
war on climate change.

(Julian Assange – 2011)
That is… war by media.

(Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – 2023)
This way of thinking predisposes us
to wage endless wars abroad.
Wars and coups and bombs…
and drones
and regime change operations.

(Julian Assange – 2011)
Who are the war criminals?
It is not just leaders,
it is not just soldiers…
It is journalists.
Journalists are war criminals.

(Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – 2023)
We must ask ourselves
is this really who we are?
Is this what we want to be?
Because this forever war which
has so drained our nation’s vitality…
now threatens to plunge the world…
into the unspeakable horror
of nuclear Armageddon.

(Julian Assange – 2011)
If wars can be started by lies…
peace can be started by truth.

(Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – 2023)
President Kennedy understood
that peace begins…
with our basic attitudes and believes.
He spoke of the futility…
of passively waiting for the other side
to become enlightened.
We should, he said,
begin by looking inward.
When we hold others in the belief
that they’re implacable enemies…
they tend to mold themselves
accordingly to our view of them.
It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy
or prediction…
that launches all players into a cycle
of suspicion that my uncle warned against.
Inhabiting the role of an enemy
we empower hardliners…
in places
like Russia, China, Cuba and Iran.
We invite them
into the drama of conflict…
the drama
of provocation and counter-provocation,
of weapon and counter-weapon.
We’ve then gone off on this path
of the military-industrial complex (MIC)…
which president Eisenhower warned about
in the best speech that he ever gave…
and one of the most important in history,
where he warned America:
that if we did not take
great pains to avoid it…
the emerging military-industrial complex
would devour our democracy.
My uncle knew that.
He spent three years fighting against
the rise of the military-industrial complex.
After his death, we went down that path
that Eisenhower predicted.
And that’s where we are today
and it’s time now to reverse that.
It’s time.

(John F. Kennedy – 1963) 
And there is very grave danger…
that an announced need
for increased security…
will be seized upon by those
anxious to expand its meaning…
to the very limits of official
censorship and concealment.

(The Trust Fall, documentary – 2023)
Wikileaks is a non-state
hostil intelligence service.
Julian Assange.
– a high-tech terrorist
– a traitor, a treasonist
He has to answer for what he has done.
Assange face up to a 175 years
in prison…
for publishing classified documents
exposing US war crimes in Iraq and Afghanistan.

(Julian Assange – 2011)
Journalists are war criminals.

(John F. Kennedy – 1963) 
I am not asking your newspapers
to support an administration…
but I am asking your help
in the tremendous task…
of informing and alerting
the american people. (applause)
For I have complete confidence…
in the response and dedication
of our citizens…
whenever they are fully informed.
And that is why our press
was protected by the First Amendment,
the only business in America
specifically protected by the Constitution.

(The Truth Fall, documentary – 2023)
He has been detained
since the 7th of December 2010…
in one form or another.
Julian Assange is a hero!
Wikileaks has performed
this extraordinairy public service.

(Yanis Varoufakis – 2023)
This is an attempt
not to break him, but to kill him.
It’s slow murder.

(Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – 2023)
You al know that Julian Assange
is a heroic whistleblower.
He stood up for democracy.
He stood against he surveillance state.
He stood against government corruption.
He’s battled for all of our freedoms.
And he made the tremendous sacrifice…
where he now is jailed
and faces life imprisonment…
and the extradition to the United States.

(Yanis Varoufakis – 2023)
Julian Assange is dying…
for your right to know…
what your government is doing
on your behalf, behind your back.

(Robert F. Kennedy Jr. – 2023)
The urgency to pardon him cannot wait.
It can’t wait till I become president.
We need to get it done now.
Please sign the petition…
urging president Biden
to immediately pardon Julian Assange.
Thank you all very much.

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  • 1961/01 – US president Eisenhower warns against the military-industrial complex (MIC)
  • 1961/04 – US president John F. Kennedy’s globally praised “The president and the press” speech with the famous words: “The very word ‘secrecy’ is repugnant”.
  • 1963/08 – JFK signs the Limited Nuclear Test Ban Treaty
  • 1963/11 – JFK is assassinated
  • 1987/09 – There is no such thing [as society] Margaret Thatcher (full transcription)
  • 2011/10 – at the Stop War Coalition Julian Assange makes several of his most famous statements:
    • “What there is, is  a transnational security elite carving up the world
      (in fact, MIC on a global scale)
    • “Wars are a result of lies.”
    • The goal is to have an endless war… War will become the ‘new normal’.”
    • To combat that elite we must not petition, we must take it over.
    • …and the all famous “If war can be started by lies, peace can be started by TRUTH”
  • 2012/06 – Assange seeks protections and asylum in the Ecuadorian Embassy
  • 2019/04 – Assange is dragged out of the Embassy by UK police and put in solitary confinement in Belmarsh.
  • 2023/06 – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Peace and Diplomacy speech
    • “I’m speaking here today, to take a radically different path. A path towards peace.
  • 2023/11 – RFK declares he will pardon Julian Assange and Edward Snowden the first day, when elected president.
  • 2024/02 – However, instead of waiting for RFK to be president he invites US citizens to sign the petition urging president Biden to pardon Julian immediately (pop-up video with subtitles)!

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will pardon Julian Assange immediately when elected President of the US.

But Kennedy is being silenced! by the same people and entities that want to keep Julian in Belmarsh or worse. A large part of USAmericans doesn’t even know that Kennedy is a presidential candidate 2024.
We can help both Julian and RFK …by making the hashtag #KennedyForAssange go viral!

  • We must grab this opportunity to make a GLOBAL STATEMENT together, all of us who support #FreeAssange.
  • Making #KennedyForAssange go viral we are putting more pressure on the US to drop the charges.
  • It will also put more pressure on UK authorities to release Julian (what sense to keep him in Belmarsh if the next president is going to pardon him anyway? Even if RFK doesn’t make it in the end, the mere idea right now is what counts and strong enough, so lets FEED that idea!)
  • NOW is exactly the right moment, in the run-up of the US elections and before a new decision of the UK authorities on 20 May 2024.
  • This is not entering in US politics, this is simply making use of the one man who objectively can make the greatest impact. If it turns out to also have effect on the US elections, it can be considered just “Collateral Effect”, maybe even positive, for once 😉
  • Sign, share or support the petition where Kennedy URGES president Biden to PARDON Julian right NOW! 

Thank you and, please, share this widely to make #KennedyForAssange go viral (fakebook, twitter) especially in US,UK! 🙏🏻💜

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