Agenda 2030: WAR on Farmers and “make them eat BUGS” (EN)

(translations and subtitles are work in progress)

The Farmers’ Fight = The Fight for TRUTH = The Fight to #FreeAssange

During the whole second week of 2024 Germany’s Farmers are protesting against all the invented and absurd measures against the Farmers to bring them down and have global food supply taken over and monopolized by those giant (WEF-2030) corporations.
They are joined by farmers from Belgium, France, Italy, Austria, Romania, Poland and even Russia. They all see, that this is in fact a sneaky but coordinated WAR by (WEF-2030) national governments against European farmers and worldwide.

The Farmers are victims too of fake (WEF-2030) government/corporate news, excuse: PROPAGANDA, which would never have existed if TV and Press were FREE and HONEST.
Since the release of Julian Assange represents a symbolic and actual victory of that press freedom and honesty, #FreeAssange is also in the interest of the farmers.

They are actually waging a WAR against the farmers worldwide, according to the video since 2013  (at least).
And as we all learned from Julian: “Wars are started by lies.”


video found as comment on twitter video post by Eva Vlaardingerbroek on the German Farmer’s protests.
original source:


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