Julian is FREE!! ♥ But the battle for #HonestNews continues 💪🏼 (EN, ES, IT)

YESSS, Julian Assange is finally FREE!!!

Wonderful news, really something to celebrate. The innocent man who has unlawfully been persecuted sinds 2010 and then tortured since 2019 by #USUK  keeping him in solitary confinement in Belmarsh, the worst prison of England, is finally free. He can finally rest now and hopefully recover soon.

This is the greatest possible news for Julian as a person and it was definitely Global Priority #1!
We are overly happy for Julian and intensely celebrate it.

Julian hugs his wife Stella for the first time as a FREE man!

However, this came as a typical #USUK “deal”, full of snags, ifs, whats and maybe’s, and the battle for the CAUSE is not over at all.

As US presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy says. Julian was forced to plea “guilty” to conspiracy even if he isn’t, so that US Deep State, the CIA, the Pentagon and company (OWO – Old World Order, they are NOT ‘new), can continue to criminalize honest journalism and extend their jurisdiction globally to non-citizens.


So Julian is FREE now! ♥
But we MUST continue the battle for the next step: #PardonJulian!

Everybody will understand and accept Julian Assange’s decision to sign the false confession of “conspiracy” that was forced upon him, in order to end his torture in Belmarsh by the UK authorities and regain the freedom he naturally deserves. The corrupt world we live in (they made of it) simply doesn’t allow for totally clean solutions. But the world’s greatest priority until now was for Julian to be free again and that has been reached!

Once Julian is pardoned by the NEW next president of USAmerica, we can pick up his work, mission and final cause where he was brutally interrupted: reveal true #HonestNews, precisely the kind news that governments, authorities and institutions want to keep hidden from us. They tell us this is for your “security” but we have seen that in reality it means hiding their corruption and crimes.


(work in progress)

The real final CAUSE is global #HonestNews to control governments and institutions.

Once Julian is Pardoned AND global news rights are re-established then we can continue with the real cause:
push #HonestNews from some “idealistic hypothesis” to a truly institutional and social reality.

So the battle for the CAUSE for #HonestNews of which Julian was the living symbol must and will continue! If there is one thing the world has learned through Julian Assange’s rotten case is that not ever again any state or institution or entity should be allowed to accuse, jail and torture a man only because of  exposing their crimes and/or corruption.

Global Priority #1 has now simply shifted from saving Julian as a person and as a symbol to saving real #HonestNews as a TRUE INSTITUTIONAL FACT and not just in a symbolic way anymore!

Now, #HonestNews is a hard fight which continues to be the global top priority because it encloses almost all other fights, all of them originating from institutional and media lies and narratives that can only be uncovered by doing precisely that for which OWO put Julian in jail for and forced him to “confess” before setting him free.

Wikileaks and all honest journalist must continue to leak institutional lies, crimes and corruption as much as possible, and global society must reconfirm their right to do so.

The future generations and world need to know the ins and outs (= truth) behind ALL #USUK/OWO invented narratives for their orchestrated WARS imposed on the world, including pandemic + “vaccine” hysteria, induced climate and weather paranoias (chemtrails/cloudseeding, DARPA), land and food monopolization (and toxification, thank you Billy), 1984-like institutional mass-surveillance through Digital Identities, CBDC’s and Social Credit Scores to lockdown people in their 15 minute cities and the ever ongoing de-humanization of Humanity through their unnecessary “latest technologies”, algorithms and Artificial Imbecility.
And of course the real criminals must be prosecuted and jailed.

Steps towards global #HonestNews

  1. #PardonAssange!
    Even if Julian has now been released, he must be pardonded by the next NEW president of the US to improve the legal situation both for Julian himself as for international journalism!
  2. And there are still other innocent people jailed or on the run for the same reason. #HonestNews still requires a #PardonSnowden, #PardonUlbricht and many more (not necessarily only from the US).
  3. Continue to make people aware that their national/corporate TV channels, social media and Hollywood movies are essentially used by governments and coorporations to tell them what they should think and how they should live, not the truth about what’s happening in the world. Move away from any media that is on the stock-market.
  4. At the same time continue to create and grow independent platforms free from government or corporate manipulation.
  5. Avoid or retract from centralized governmental or corporate data hunger as much as possible and live life free from any electronical or digital device dependancy (it’s our basic Human Right). Use phone just for phone calls.
  6. Return to cash money as much and fast as possible! #KeepCash, #KeepCashAlive, #StickToCash.


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