Cristian Terhes: Is this EU(rsula) transparency?

“You tell me if this is ok for the European citizens.”


You know, we were elected
elected BY the people.

That’s what the treaty says.

But we should not forget that we are
elected here FOR the people.

We should have
the best interest of people in mind.

Because that is the reason why they
elected us here in the European Parliament.

All these leaders of the European Parliament
they like to praise themselves,

every time they go to a press conference
to say:

That this is the most democratic
institution of the European Union.

The question to them is:

Have you told these people
in the parliament…

why you decided to strip
their fundamental rights?

¿Why you have done it?

You see we have all these treaties,
as my colleague said,

that no medical treatment
should be imposed on you…

unless you decide about it FREELY…


Now, clearly what they do right now…

to condition the access
in the parliament,

to have this ‘green’ certificate,

is VIOLATING this freedom…

of people to choose, what they
want to be vacciated with or tested with.

But there is the other aspect.

And the question that I adress
not only to you in the Parliament,

but to every European Citizen,
to ask your own governments:

Were you properly informed
about what is going on?

Because we had a lot of debates at the
beginning of this year in the parliament,

where we demanded full access
to the contracts signed…

between these companies that produce
the ‘vaccines’ and the European Union.

And I quote from an article, the Euroactiv,
from January 22nd, 2021,

that says the following:

The contract, signed between
the pharmaceutical company…

and the European Commission
in Noviembre of 2020,

was made available to MEPs on tuesday…


after the company had agreed
to open the contract up to scrutiny.



So you’re imposing a medical product
on the European Citizens…

without them knowing
what’s in this contract?

Not only them (not) knowing,
but US, we don’t know!

So after a lot of pressure
in the Parliament,

as the article says…

these contracts were disclosed to us
and to the public.

And I want to show you
some of those pages.

And you tell me if this is okay
for the European Citizens.

To be exposed to this situation
where they cannot come to work,

they cannot enter a store,

they cannot go
with their kids to schools,

where they cannot freely move
from one country to another…

unless they are ‘vaccinated’
with one of those products.

So these are the contracts
that were disclosed by the Commission…

with the approval of the company.
This is unheard of!

And I will just show you the pages.

These are the pages.

– You see?
– They call this transparency these days…

So this is the fundamental principle, right,
of democracy.

I’m asking you guys, is this transparency?
Do you see anything? Because we don’t.

The European Citizen’s money
has been given by Ursula von der Leyen…

to these companies.

What happened with those money?
Where are they?

Why aren’t they open with the people
and fully transparent?

So we all know what is going on.

The difference between tyranny and democracy
is very simple.

When the government knows everything
about you, that’s tyranny.

I know how it is to live in tyranny.

When you know everything
about your government, that’s Democracy.

So this is where we are right now.

PRAISING this institution…

as the most democratic institution
in the European Union.

And even us as MEPs,

and directly elected
BY the people FOR the people,

we haven’t been able
to see these contracts.

So as we said last week,

we are here for you…

and we will fight for you.

I know many of you are struggling,
all across Europa.

And many of you working for the EU
institutions are struggling right now.

But look, as a former US president said…

Freedom and liberty is one generation away
from extinction.

We live that type of time right now.

And it’s our duty and our call
to fight for liberty.

Thank you.

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