Fooling around with definitions…

Somehow it seems that OWO like to fool around with words and definitions. Are those just whims or is there a reason behind it? Does it have anything to do with the (their) “new normal” they try to impose?Some examples: Pandemic, Vaccine, Herd Immunity, Gender, Woman.
If they continue like this they will end up redefining what is human or life itself.
What? Oh, they already are…

  • Pandemic (2009)
    Almost everybody gets scared when they hear about the (threat of a) pandemic. In their mindset it means a horrible disease of which you are almost certain to die and which spreads easily,  like the bubonic plague that ravaged Europa in the middle ages or, more recently, the spanish flu although reason exists to doubt its real cause.
    Isn’t it surprising that the organization that should care about global health (WHO?) changed the definition of “Pandemic” in 2009 to merely a disease that appears in several countries at the same time, leaving out either the gravity as the almost-certain-death factor?
    And isn’t it an extraordinairy coincidence that only a few weeks later they seized this newly defined justification to qualify the (mexican) swine flu as “Pandemic”, according to this new definition even if for the people in general a pandemic still sounded like a threat similar to that bubonic plague?
  • Vaccine
    In the old times (three years ago) a vaccine was a medicine that contained dead or weakened viruses. Injecting them would help your healthy, natural immune system to recognize and fight earlier and better, in case you would be infected with the real virus. It would avoid you getting sick and it would avoid you to spread the disease.
    The Covid-19 injections do not contain a weakened or dead virus, but some artificially engineered genetic code from a laboratory or factory instead. It does not avoid you getting sick and it does not avoid you spreading it. Even so it’s being promoted and sometimes even aggressively pushed by many politicians, doctors and specially corporate media as “vaccine”, that by the way is ‘of course’ safe and effective (even if they are starting to admit it is NOT in both senses).
  • Herd immunity
    Additional to the already incredible genius of the individual immune system, yet another marvel of nature and evolution is the existence of herd immunity. It’s a form of additional, indirect, collective protection that applies to contagious diseases and occurs when a sufficient percentage of a population of a species has become immune to an infection through previous infections.
    However, to support the heavy promotion and marketing of the mRNA injections, OWO (Wikipedia for example) now also included herd immunity by vaccines as additional part of the definition.
  • Gender
    In times of the “normal” normal people were born as one of two genders, men or women. Later in life a small fraction of the people could feel that they were actually of the opposite gender and decide for a gender change. This is a fully legitimate personal choice.
    In OWO‘s ‘new normal’, however, children can (or even should?) be educated directly with an artificial doubt about their own gender to begin with.
  • Woman
    In the “normal” normal a woman was… a woman! (surprising, right?)
    For obscure reasons OWO now seeks to ‘redefine’ a woman as “a person who can give birth”.
    (edit may 2023 – OWO’s obsession and efforts to create gender and sexual confusion starting with young kids has led someone to produce this documentary. The trailer gives the impression that the intention is to set things straight (natural, normal) again, so we don’t mind he makes some bucks out of it – this is not publicity, it’s just another link to a documentary we deem worthy or expect it to be – we did not pay and see it for ourselves.)

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