What “New” World Order?
OLD World Order! -> OWO

Pandemic > New Normal > Great Reset > Fourth Industrial Revolution > Build Back Better > Agenda 2030 > ???

The supposed Covid pandemic, with its corresponding restrictive measures, simply served as a trigger to impose fear upon global population and as an excuse to justify even more control by some self-defined ‘authorities’.
As long as they see that enough people continue to swallow their absurd narratives and comply with them, they will just continue to follow this long established chain towards that Agenda 2030 of theirs and beyond. This then should finally lead to what they themselves have announced for decades and what many just seem to have picked up blindly. Something they call a New’ World Order – NWO.

Let’s set it straight for once and for all!

They are not new… they are OLD!

Their ‘order’ is old, their ideas are old and, in fact, most of them are old. There’s nothing new about them, so if anything, they would simply (continue to) be the boring and old-fashioned…

OLD World Order – OWO!

They are the ever rich and powerful alpha-kind of men and (something similar to) women who live in their shared bubble of blind, selfish, arrogant and dictatorial obsession to impose their control and their will upon all others. From Genghis Khan and the Romans, passing by the English empire, Napoleon, Hitler and US-pushed ‘globalization’ up to Klaussie, Bill, Mark, sleepy Joe and EUrsula it’s all the same old, same old (world order)!
They cluster in a variety of overlapping groups and have called themselves or have been called many names: elite, cabal, illuminati, satanists, eugenicists, transhumanists, Bilderberg, WEF, IMF, WTO, WHO, UN and an endless list of more or less flattering alternatives. But in the end, all of them together is best described by what they actually are: just plain and simple OLD World Order – OWO.

This is not an irrelevant issue. Language and terminology have great influence in our perception. That is in fact the reason why OWO themselves have been fooling around with definitions since prehistory.
Calling themselves “new” they make it sound interesting, maybe even important. It creates some kind expectance and maybe even hope. Using the correct word that confirms that they are actually OLD sheds a totally different light. Simply the same OLD stuff, more of the same, business as usual.
It’s good to be aware who you are facing and express that in how you call them. So, OWO!


A few OWO references and background

  • Wikipedia seems to make a distinction between a kind of “Official NWO
    and “NWO as conspiracy theory
    (as of december 2022)
  • “Official” – The phrase “New World Order” or similar language was used in the period toward the end of the First World War in relation to Woodrow Wilson’s vision for international peace;[a] Wilson called for a League of Nations to prevent aggression and conflict. The League of Nations failed, and neither Franklin Roosevelt nor Harry S. Truman used the phrase “new world order” much when speaking publicly on international peace and cooperation. Indeed, in some instances when Roosevelt used the phrase “new world order”, or “new order in the world” it was to refer to Axis powers plans for world domination. Truman speeches have phrases such as “better world order”, “peaceful world order”, “moral world order” and “world order based on law”, but not so much “new world order”.[2] Although Roosevelt and Truman may have been hesitant to use the phrase, commentators have applied the term retroactively to the order put in place by the World War II victors including the United Nations and the Bretton Woods system as a “new world order.”
  • The New World Order (NWO) is a conspiracy theory
    which hypothesizes a secretly emerging totalitarian world government.The common theme in conspiracy theories about a New World Order is that a secretive power elite with a globalist agenda is conspiring to eventually rule the world through an authoritarian one-world government—which will replace sovereign nation-states—and an all-encompassing propaganda whose ideology hails the establishment of the New World Order as the culmination of history’s progress. Many influential historical and contemporary figures have therefore been alleged to be part of a cabal that operates through many front organizations to orchestrate significant political and financial events, ranging from causing systemic crises to pushing through controversial policies, at both national and international levels, as steps in an ongoing plot to achieve world domination.


Taken from “The New Old World Order exposed” documentary (initial minutes of over 5 hours)

  • Within the city of London, there is a one-mile square area that is referred to as “The City”.
    This is the headquarters of the Rothschilds – a family dynasty that owns the money supply through the Central Banks of almost every nation on earth. [Coincidentally, it is also the nerve center of the global network of banking secrecy, especially carried on in a large number of small (pen)islands former colonies of England. ].
  • In 1913, US President Woodrow Wilson was instrumental in helping pass an act trhough Congress which handed over the financial control of the country into the hands of private bankers working for the Rothschilds and the British elite… The Federal Reserve – FED
  • During the first part of the 20th century, a series of victories over the sovereignty of the United States had already been won. The Rothschild-Warburg-Rockefeller banking cartel had accomplished important stepping stones for their Old World Order:
    • 1913 – Federal Reserve System (private bank, not public)
    • 1920 – League of nations
    • 1920-21 Royal Institute of International Affairs & Council on Foreign Relations
    • 1929 – Stock Market Crash


We were triggered by above time-line to extend it with some major players and events up to present day, because a greater historical perspective allows a better understanding of how the whole world and its population now suddenly faces the threat of OWO’s age-old intention to grab total power.
The OWO Timeline is work in progress with new dates and references to be added (essentially working from past to present), that will be continued on the separate page “How did we get into this mess?. Below is the initial draft up to the fall of the European Community.

  1. 1992 – Maastricht treaty
    Fall of the European Community  – of, by and for the people (IT)
    The European Dream of the people was degraded to a European Union – in reality: a Market – of, by and for big finance, big business and big lobbies
  2. 1989 – Fall of the Soviet Union.
  3. 1989 – Fall of the Berlin wall.
  4. 1989 – Rise of Neo-liberism after Reagan and Thatcher
  5. 1986 – Reagan signes NCVIA act,  granting total immunity to the vaccine industry (in the end, they are the only ones to have become truly immune…)
    The US vaccine industry was almost bankrupt and dead due to indemnizations.
    After this act, mandatory vaccins grew more than tenfold in a few years. Since then the “Vaccines are Safe & Effective” mantra never stopped playing in the US and now it is one of the sickest countries in the world (i.e. medicine taking) with, ironically, medical cause as third cause of death.
    Unfortunately for the world this sick and sickening US policy is now being ‘globalized’. WHO do you think would want this?
  6. 1984 – Mark Zuckerberg – White Plains, New York, US
  7. 1984 – Anthony Fauci becomes head of the NIAID (and stepped down 3 years after the Covid “pandemic” declaration by the WHO)
    [ The real Anthony Fauci Movie | Robert F. Kennedy (EN) ]
    [ Plandemic | Judy Mikovits (EN) ]
  8. 1964 – Jeff Bezos – Albuquerque, New Mexico, US
  9. 1963 – John F. Kennedy assassination
  10. 1958 – Ursula von der Leyen – Ixelles, Belgium
    [ EUrsula von der Leyen and her “business” (IT►EN/ES/NL) ]
    [ Is this EU(rsula) ‘Transparency’? | Romanian MEP Cristian Terhes (EN►DE/EN/ES/FR/IT/NL) ]
    [ EUrsula von der Leyen must resign. | Cristian Terhes (EN►EN/ES/IT/NL) ]
  11. 1955 – Bill Gates – Seattle, Washington, US
    [ Meet Bill Gates | James Corbett (EN) ]
    [ Bill Gates and the population control grid | James Corbett (EN) ]
    [ Bill Gates’ plan to vaccinate the world | James Corbett (EN) ]
  12. 1954 – Angela Dorothea Merkel – Hamburg, Germany
  13. 1941 – GATT –>> WTO –>> TTIP (failed 2016 EU)
    – General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade
    – World Trade Organization
    [ US strategy for new global legal and economic system TPP, TTIP, TISA | John Pilger, Julian Assange (EN►ES/HU/IT/NL) ]
    [ An EU of Secrecy – TTIP 2015 | Spanish MEP Marina Albiol (EN►ES/HU/IT/NL) ]
  14. 1947 – CIA
    [ The shock doctrine – Naomi Klein  (EN ►ES) ]
  15. 1940 – 1945 WWII
  16. 1940 – Anthony Fauci – Brooklyn, NYC, US
    [ The real Anthony Fauci Movie – Robert F. Kennedy (EN) ]
  17. 1938 – Klaus Schwab – Ravensburg, Germany
  18. 1930 – George Soros (György Schwartz) – Budapest, Hungary
  19. 1929 – Stock Market Crash
  20. 1925 – Margaret Thatcher – Grantham, England
    [ The shock doctrine – Naomi Klein  (EN ►ES) ]
  21. 1923 – Henry Kissinger (Heinz Alfred) –  Fürth, Germany
    [ The shock doctrine – Naomi Klein  (EN ►ES) ]
  22. 1920 – League of nations
  23. 1915 – Augusto Pinochet – Valparaiso, Chile
    [ The shock doctrine – Naomi Klein  (EN ►ES) ]
  24. 1914 – 1918 WWI
  25. 1913 – Richard Milhous Nixon – Yorba Linda, CA, US
    [ The shock doctrine – Naomi Klein  (EN ►ES) ]
  26. 1913 – Federal Reserve System, US
    [ America, from Freedom to Fascism | Aaron Ruso (EN) ]
  27. 1912 – Milton Friedman – Brooklyn, NYC, US
    [ The shock doctrine – Naomi Klein  (EN ►ES) ]
  28. 1911 – Ronald Wilson Reagan – Tampico, Illinois US
  29. 1894 – Aldous Huxley – Godalming, England
  30. 1889 – Adolf Hitler – Braunau am Inn, Austria
  31. 1868 – Paul Warburg – Hamburg, Germany
  32. 1856 – Nikola Tesla – Smiljan, Croatia
  33. 1839 – John Davison Rockefeller – New York, US
    [ HOW Big Oil conquered the world (Oiligarchy 1) | James Corbett (EN) ]
    [ WHY Big Oil conquered the world (Oiligarchy 2) | James Corbett (EN) ]
  34. 1837 – John Pierpoint Morgan – Hartford, CT
  35. 1835 – Andrew Carnegie – Dunfermline, Scotland
    [ HOW Big Oil conquered the world (Oiligarchy 1) | James Corbett (EN) ]
    [ WHY Big Oil conquered the world (Oiligarchy 2) | James Corbett (EN) ]
  36. 1815 – Battle of Waterloo
  37. 1810 – William Avery Rockefeller – Ancram, NY, US
    [ HOW Big Oil conquered the world (Oiligarchy 1) | James Corbett (EN) ]
    [ WHY Big Oil conquered the world (Oiligarchy 2) | James Corbett (EN) ]
  38. 1777 – Nathan Rotschild – Frankfurt, Germany
  39. ~ 50 – City of London (the square mile) – Romans

Further updates on this time line under How did we get caught up in this mess?