Julian Assange 2011: war is a result of media lies.

“The war is a result of media lies”
Julian Assange 2011

One of the hopeful things
that I’ve discovered

is that nearly every war
that has started in the past 50 years…

has been a result of media lies.

It means that, basically,
populations don’t like wars.

And populations
have to be fooled into wars.

Populations don’t willingly and
with open eyes go into war.

It is really my opinion
that the media in general are so bad,

we have to question
whether the world wouldn’t be better off
without them altogether.

Julian Assange committed no crime and only defends FREEDOM OF SPEECH. For this reason he has been persecuted, imprisoned, mistreated and tortured for years by the United States and the United Kingdom. There is an appropriate way to mention these two countries together US + UK = USUK


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