What Agenda2029·is about

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In essence, it’s really quite simple…

A certain group of people pretend and plan to rule the world by 2030. There are various global entities and rich, thus powerful, people involved, and there is a truckload of names for it. But in the end it all comes down to their AGENDA 2030.

Normally they run the show and we have always been one step behind them, reacting to what they do. This time, why not be a step ahead of them instead and simply establish OUR Agenda2029?

We wouldn’t really even have to look at what they have planned. As Buckminster Fuller wisely said: it’s not about “fighting” them, it’s all about creating an alternative model that will make their  model obsolete

This image is quite old, but it’s actually even more relevant now than it was back then. In fact, it reminds us of how long they have already been preparing and working on  their agenda, quite specifically on a European level. It’s a picture of the former EU leaders. Those who sought to secretly introduce the TTIP act around 2015, rembember? Much in the same way as nowadays EUrsula Von der Leyen is desperately trying to maintain the secrecy on the contracts that the EU signed with Pfizer and other Big Pharma. It all was, is and will be part of the same globalist Agenda 2030.


Making Agenda 2030 OBSOLETE

Fortunately, since making obsolete is not about “fighting them”, we don’t necessarily have to bother about studying their 17 points and match each of them with an alternative, but anyway there are people already working on that too. But independently, we can simply create our own list with our own number of points and it may be a circle or it may not.

We don’t have to react to them, this time we can just act for ourselves!

Even so, first we have to stop them!
Unfortunately, they have been working for decades to bend both national and international laws to their will and still do. This must be stopped as soon as possible in any case to avoid more complications later.

  • In theory and in reality, law and justice are on our side, for at the highest level we have our Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which no one can ever violate or change. But that does not change that:
  • In practice, however, we unfortunately see widespread corruption through which many governments, politicians, officials, judges, police, doctors and journalists flout those human rights and pretend that they are allowed to impose their own law and justice. It is of the highest priority to stop and reverse this as much as possible, so that our alternatives have a real chance to flourish and come to live.
    The first and fastest way is to find, sign and share as many petitions as possible, like this very urgent petition to  the WHO (associated video). A near future page will include proposals for new petitions.



Back to the essence

They have imposed their “New Normal” on us and want to push us into the “Great Reset” while it rather looks like we humans need to get back closer to our individual and collective essence, as individuals and as a society.

  • The social essence are our Human Rights and constitutional freedoms, without absurd interference or restrictions by any “authority.” Governments have to return to be at the service of the people, not the other way around. The same goes for politics, justice, money, energy, technology, health-care, education, mass-media, police, military and all other institutions.
  • For our individual essence humanity needs renewed attention and space for the natural, biological and spiritual. 
    This is actually more important, but will not be possible unless we get the social part somewhat back in order  as described above, truly fair and just without all the existing corruption.

Since the outbreak of materialistic science, the industrial revolution(s) and its profit-obsessed “globalization”, man has been almost exclusively concerned with the visible and physically tangible. The non-material aspect of nature has been completely left aside and dumped into a corner. Nevertheless, not so long ago, science itself determined that only 4% of the Universe consists of the visible and tangible. In other words there is still 96% that we know absolutely nothing about. Not of the Universe, nor of ourselves or our essence. 
What could be more beautiful than to discover that? And that will be possible, when we start to get an at least acceptable social model (again).



Agenda2029·is meant to be a shared, collaborative mission.

Agenda2029 · is not a pre-established, concrete and centrally-driven program, but an place to first gather alternative ideas and plans from everyone in a collective brainstorm. Ideas and plans that are happier, healthier and above all more humane than what Agenda 2030 secretly pretends. These ideas can then be inventorized, combined, selected and developed by collective preference. Finally these ideas can be executed and given visibility on a local, a European or even  international scale. Agenda2029 · is not about one best idea, but about a network of many good ideas, where each person is free to choose which idea(s) to support, develop and execute.

In the near future, we will open the website to personal contributions from those who feel involved and inspired. For the moment just some GEFN principles to round out the basic structure.

For the ease of everybody there is one basic principle:

  • “Good Enough For Now (GEFN)” (or… I can live with it)
    This means that things don’t have to be perfect, as long as they are Good Enough to go ahead now. It can be improved or optimized later, in case it becomes necessary.
    This mindset is used in the sociocratic decision making concept which originated in the Netherlands.
    There is another nice way to put it: “A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow”
    Robert de Niro in the more than recommendable movie Wag the Dog. Anne Heche happened to play a major role in this movie too, by the way. Unfortunately she was ripped away from us under rather strange circumstances.



Rougly speaking there are three steps to take.

  1. Resist, Resist, Resist (Kennedy in Milan 13/11/2021, link to video)
    By now, we have resisted, survived and recovered from their first attack that took us all by surprise. Know that ever more people are waking up and that no-one from our side is ever going to go back to the other side, as have said Reiner Füllmich, Del Bigtree and many others. We will only grow, so of course WE CAN!
    Now it’s important to know what comes next and be prepared, not only to resist again, but to get a step ahead of them. Since there is too much to follow for each single person, Agenda2029 is set up to gather information collectively, organize it by categories (more can be added) and make an inventory. From there we can spread this information better, focus our attention and most importantly invent and share specific actions for our FREEset!
    When you log in (with your Telegram account) you can go to You! and create articles as a blog, to share and comment links, other articles, ideas and proposals or to have discussions. In this way we will increasingly share and stimulate others to bring together more people, forces, inspirations and initiatives. 
  2. Our Great FREEset! Building Community to take action.
    We will be building Community: locally, regionally, nationallly, Europa-wide and worldwide – both virtually and in real life, so that all possible legal actions on all levels can (and have to) be taken to expose and stop Agenda2030 as much as possible and thus bring about our Great FREEset: from simple non-compliance (rejection) to their plans or ‘rules’ (mostly against constitutional and human rights anyway) to protests, petitions, lawsuits or civil disobedience.
  3. Build Back BRIGHTER and make OWO Obsolete!
    Once we ‘re on our way we can also start doing what we actually really want to do: creating valid and honest Human-friendly alternatives for justice, politics, burocracy, money, energy, food, health-care, education, mass-media, technology, police, military, housing, transport and so on. How, What, When and Where exactly, is what we aim to discover and do here together, in a joined effort to make OWO obsolete. It’s the WHY that joins us, that’s all that matters. 

Making them obsolete will be our Great FREEset that will allow us to return to our natural essence and true Human Values. The beautiful thing is, we are free to define these values.

That’s what Agenda2029·is all about.
Bringing together people and minds, spirits, inspiration, initiatives and willingness to develop and accomplish this beautiful mission.

And we don’t have to start from zero, we could just filter out the good things to keep and drop the bad stuff that has come creeping in over the years, over decades and even over centuries. Starting from a different level of thinking some initial attention points can be considered. 


A European Dream?

A last point: has always believed, and still believes, in the potential of “a better Europe for a better world.” This is of course in the sense of the original “European Dream,” in fact, the original European Community of, by and for its rich diversity of peoples, cultures, customs, languages as originally seemed to be intended.
The degradation of this original Community idea and its dream into some homogeneous, flat, artificial and spiritless Union (in reality: a Market) in the interest banks and multi-nationals, as if it had to become a second US, is clearly part of Agenda 2030.
On the contrary, we think that our diversity is the richness of Europe and offers many opportunities for the alternative Agenda2029 initiatives, namely at least as many as there are countries in this European Community. 

The Agenda2030 threat that humanity is facing is no small matter. It is far too big for any one single country or people to battle against, but then again the world as a whole may be far to large and complicated to manage. Europa, however, already has its partially valid existing structure, probably enough awake people who recognize the threat of Agenda2030 and who, despite everything, may also still want to believe in the possibility of “a better Europe for a better world.


One Spirit · One Symbol

Those who find these views to be in their own line of thinking may want to become active right away and print out some stickers to share (sticker) them in their neighbourhood to then make some pictures… and share them widely, stating date and city to show the spread of the spirit of Agenda2029.

Agenda2029 subscribes to the One Spirit · One Symbol philosphy.
This is: to gather the thousands existing but totally fragmented groups, initiatives or movements that have the same Spirit under one shared symbol, so that we are more visible, more recognizable and thus stronger so we have a better chance to really get things done! Locally, nation-wide, Europa-wide and World-wide. Just imagine having seen the hug-in-heart symbol amongst the truckers in Canada, the demonstrations in Australia, the harbourblock in Trieste-Italy, the farmer revolt in Holland… 
It’s not about substituting the existing symbols, it’s about adding the hug-in-heart symbol to unite them all (haha, sounds like something about a ring… 😉 )