Citizens’ initiative for constitutional amendment in Italy

Between saying and doing!

There are many media outlets that claim to be against health obligations. Strangely, however, they are silent about making a proposal to include an explicit prohibition of any health obligation, directly or indirectly, in the Constitution. Those who truly oppose health obligations and want citizens to regain their sovereignty and the right to defend themselves against state abuse can participate in the Constitutional Convention.

Become a promoter of the ACC, support it as a volunteer or authenticator, and publicize it so that it becomes a democratic revolution for the vindication of the rights and freedoms that have been abused in recent years. Sign and get people to sign at the booths, in all municipalities or online. There is no time left! The future we want to guarantee for our children must be built NOW.

See the PDF of the calendar for collecting signatures in september in Milano,
or click here to sign online

On 12 May 2023, the Committee Assemblea Costituente dei Cittadini – ACC (Constituent Assembly of Citizens) was formed, which submitted to Bureau I of the Supreme Court the draft of amendments to the Constitution by citizen’s initiative, entitled: “Amendments to Articles 32, 75 and 135 of the Constitution and Constitution No. 352 of May 25, 1970” (G.U. No. 111 of 13/05/2023).

The bill proposes the following changes:

  1. Article 32 of the Constitution – Protection of Human Rights
    the proposed amendments are intended to prevent new future instrumentalization of the concept of health, to revive the original intentions of the fathers of the Constitution and to make effective the principles of the inviolability of the body and respect for the dignity of the human being. The new text guarantees respect for the health of the individual, in a material and spiritual sense, and thus civilization and democracy.
  2. Article 75 of the Constitution – facilitating referendums
    The proposed new text of Article 75 of the Constitution aims to make the referendum as an instrument truly accessible to citizens. All obstacles that in fact prevent citizens from being able to express themselves and critically check the actions of their political representatives, including on issues related to international relations, have been removed. It is a method of control that the Constitution should not only guarantee but also make effective.
    The required signatures for submitting a referendum proposal have been reduced herein from 500,000 to 50. 000; the constitutive quorum for the validity of the vote has been removed in order to make citizens more responsible and encourage them to go to the ballot box to make their own choice; the prohibition of referendums for laws allowing the ratification of international treaties has been removed; the verification of the collected signatures and their certification have been streamlined; and the time required to reach the ballot box in the case of reaching the required signatures for submitting a referendum proposal has been shortened.
  3. Article 135 of the Constitution – Greater independence of the Constitutional Court.
    This amendment empowers citizens to appoint – by direct universal suffrage – the judges of the Constitutional Court. The goal is to ensure greater independence from politics for the body charged with protecting the Constitutional Charter. Candidates for the post of Constitutional Court judges will always be magistrates from the ordinary higher courts, professors of legal subjects and lawyers with 20 years of practical experience, all registered on a special list. The term of office will be shorter, but may be extended, again by election. The list of citizens called upon to intervene in judgments against the President of the Republic will also be formed on the basis of direct elections, matching those of the judges of the Court.

The ACC therefore proposes to strengthen and make effective the principles of popular sovereignty (Article 1 of the Constitution) and the centrality of the human being, which are the cornerstones of our Constitution and the foundations of a true democracy.

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