Preparation for civil arrest of the dutch government by its own people!

The Dutch are organizing a citizen’s arrest of the Dutch government with a team of volunteers. This should be applicable in your country too, which is also supposed to be “democratic”.

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Why a civil arrest of the Dutch government?

Ten submitted reasons read as follows:

1. The existence of “the virus” on which all measures taken by the government are based has never been proven to date. This alone makes all measures taken by the government to combat it illegal.

2. The measures taken by the government to combat ‘the virus’ have caused untold damage and suffering; far more than ‘the virus’. This is contrary to the ethical principle of “double effect,” which states that the remedy should never be worse than the malady.

3. The ‘vaccine’ has also caused and continues to cause untold suffering and harm. Despite this, the government continues to press for everyone to be ‘vaccinated’ ren continues to claim it would be safe.

4. Official information makes it clear that the “vaccine” is not a vaccine, but “gene therapy,” and that it is “experimental. Nevertheless, the government continues to give the impression that it would be a vaccine.

5. The government is not complying with the decision of the European Court (Resolution 2361/2021) taken on 27.01.2021, that no one can be vaccinated under pressure against their will, that vaccination is not compulsory and that unvaccinated people cannot be discriminated against. Formally, there is currently no mandatory vaccination, but the pressure to “take the vaccine” is so great that many people do it just “to get rid of the hassle.

6. The government is taking measures that do not fit with its caretaker status, in which taking sweeping measures is expressly prohibited and one may only deal with pending issues.

7. The government pressures and even coerces citizens to undergo a PCR test, which even its creator says proves nothing.

8. It has been shown, that both PCR tests, mouth caps and the “vaccine” contain substances harmful to health. However, the government continues to deny this and continues to pressure people to undergo PCR tests, wear mouth caps and take the “vaccine.

9. The latter contradicts the principle of “informed consent. The government’s actions make it clear that it does not respect this principle.

10. With its overall actions, the government is signaling that it is not aiming at the welfare of citizens, but rather at inflicting harm on citizens. And with this, as already described in 1581 in the Plakkaat van Verlatinghe, it has forfeited the right to govern.

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