#KennedyForAssange III -RFK will pardon Assange and Snowden (EN►EN/ES/IT/NL)

What’s gonna be the first thing you do
if you’re elected President?

– The first thing I do?
– Yes.

– Like, the first day?
– Yeah, the first day.

The first day…

I’m gonna free Julian Assange.

I’m gonna free Edward Snowden.

I’m gonna pardon them.

I’m gonna issue an executive order
forbidding any federal employee from…

collaborating with social media,
media sites…

to censor political speech in this country.


From the Robert F. Kennedy Jr. telegram channel: https://t.me/RealRobertKennedy/648
26/11/2023BREAKING: Robert Kennedy Jr. says on the first day of his Presidency he is going to free Julian Assange and Edward Snowden.

Let’s make the hashtag #KennedyForAssange go viral.

Julian is kept IN prison because he “influenced” the US elections.
Let’s get him OUT by “influencing” them again!
Wouldn’t that be wonderfully ironic ? 😉

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Kennedy will pardon Assange when elected president!

But Kennedy being silenced! …by the same people who want to keep Julian in prison or worse. A large part of USAmericans do not even know that he is a presidential candidate. We can help both Julian and RFK …by making the hashtag #KennedyForAssange go viral!

  • We must grab this opportunity to make a GLOBAL STATEMENT together, all of us who support #FreeAssange.
  • Making #KennedyForAssange go viral we are putting more pressure on the US to drop the charges.
  • It will also put more pressure on UK authorities to release Julian (what sense to keep him in Belmarsh if the next president is going to pardon him anyway? Even if RFK doesn’t make it in the end, the mere idea NOW is strong enough, so lets FEED it!)
  • NOW is exactly the right moment, in the run-up to the US elections and before 20 may 2024 when UK is going to decide again.
  • This is not entering in US politics, this is merely making use of the one man who objectively can make the greatest impact. If it turns out to also have effect on the US elections, it can be simply considered “Collateral Effect”, maybe even positive, for once 😉
  • Sign, share or support the petition where Kennedy URGES president Biden to PARDON Julian right NOW!

Thank you and, please, share widely and repeatedly in the coming days, especially among people in US and UK to make #KennedyForAssange go viral, precisely there! 🙏🏻💜
(click here for downloadable videos for direct sharing – subtitles DE/EN/ES/FR/IT/NL)

#KennedyForAssange = #FreeAssange + #FreeSnowden = #FreeTheTRUTH + #USUK

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