The Wuhan flu narrative…

Extreme pandemic measures…

When the Wuhan flu (made famous under the name Covid-19) appeared, initially we were told it only affected the old and the weak. Even so Old World Order (OWO) first decided that it was good and necessary to declare a global pandemic* and soon after they decided it was also good and necessary to impose radical restrictions upon daily life and society as a whole, especially in the western countries (the richest and supposedly healthiest): face-masks, extreme hand-washing, social distancing and strict lockdowns.

(* term of which OWO has conveniently changed the definition in recent times)

“For the sake of humanity” 

All this, of course, for the sake of humanity, to protect yourself and, ever more importantly, to protect others! (“protect your grandparents” and why not “protect your grandchildren” was never explained though). It was made very, very clear that if people didn’t comply or even questioned it they were anti-social, a bad person, a criminal, a terrorist, in fact an enemy and they could and even should be publically shamed, aggressively enforced, put in jale and silenced forever. They had done this with one man, so why not all the others?

Even if… somewhat against Human Rights?
They seemed not to be bothered by the fact that these impositions went somewhat against the same Human Rights that they “seek to realize” (preamble) and they did not hesitate to apply harsh enforcement against those who tried to point this out to them and to the greater public. Surprisingly, they didn’t even worry about the tremendous economic and social disruption these restrictions were visibly causing even if they are an “integrated and indivisible part of the three dimensions of sustainable development” (preamble, still). Those disruptions did not affect only the old and the weak anymore, but also the young, the strong, the worker, the entrepreneur, almost everybody! Except, curiously enough, them. In fact they and their corporations only grew richer, bigger and stronger.

Only one possible salvation, a few media outlets and an army of “fact checkers”
However, the restrictions were not enough. Disease and death was spreading everywhere, according to the most important and recognized media outlets (all theirs) the only solution to save humanity from this catastrophe every person in the world should get a vaccine* said the experts (all theirs). Instead, to suggest strengthening the individual immune system and reaching herd immunity* in a natural way was out of the question, not spoken of and almost insulting. This was also true for the use of existing cheap and valid medicines like HCQ and Evermectine. An infinity of arguments why are offered by an infinity of fact-checkers (all theirs).

(* term of which OWO has conveniently changed the definition in recent times)

The modern medical miracle
Fortunately, as by miracle, in just a few months the scientists managed to develop a vaccine* that was totally safe and totally effective (as they always say) using a new technology that had never been used before, while the “old” vaccines normally needed at least ten or more years before entering the market. They had done better than nature itself! It almost sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it?

“Not mandatory”, at least not directly
They were so proud of their achievement they would have liked to impose these ‘vaccines‘ on the people as well. But they were aware that doing this directly might go against our Human Rights (and the Neurenberg code btw) just a bit too much and too obviously, and people might resist or even fight back. Yet, this was not a problem for them. Of course they were smart, just like the cities and the society they envisioned, so they came up with a workaround that was swallowed as an acceptable excuse by most. The vaccine itself should not be made mandatory, they just introduced a digital certificate that would. A certificate that allowed you to work, go to school, go to the gym, hotels, bars and other places. This certificate just required you to be vaccinated*. Isn’t that a clever disguise? Herd immunity* was replaced by herd manipulation.

(* term of which OWO has conveniently changed the definition in recent times)

A vaccine that needs regular updates
Unfortunately, their so-called vaccine* turned out to be not effective at all and requiered what they called a “booster” shot. First one, then two, then three and finally this miraculous ‘vaccine‘ would require an update every once or twice a year for eternity. Like any computer program or app.

A cure worse than the disease
In reality the ‘vaccine‘ turned out to be even more damaging to health than the disease itself. Countless testimonials written, on video or even as court cases all over the world and the internet show that Pfizer and ModeRNA are litteral cases of the cure being worse than the disease. But still they insist on giving the shots and to ever lower age-ranges with the clear intention to finally inject indeed everybody on the planet from birth on and for an ever ongoing sequence.

* term of which OWO has conveniently changed the definition in recent times:
see fooling around with definitions

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