A few impressions from China

Just a few impressions from the Chinese social credit system and surveillance policies.

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“China has just released a draft national social credit law.” (Expose News)

On 14 November 2022, several top Chinese government agencies collectively released a draft law on the Establishment of the Social Credit System, the first attempt to systematically codify past experiments on social credit and, theoretically, guide future implementation.
This law is formulated so as to improve the social credit system, innovate mechanisms for societal governance, optimise the business environment, standardise order in the Socialist market economy, raise the entire society’s awareness of creditworthiness, advocate the Core Socialist Values, and complete a credit reporting system that covers the entire society.


QR social credit system China (see video)

More than 200M in ‘lockdown’ across China (see clip)

Chinese students running for PCR test and green QR code (see clip)