WEF-Agenda 2030 threats

How it began

First there was the Big Bang. Next was the evolution. Then came humanity. And finally Democracy! But now, all of a sudden, we are being stuffed into Agenda 2030. At least, that’s what they pretend but ever more people resist the Agenda2030 threats.

“Sustainable” Development Goals
On 25 September 2015, 17 apparently laudable points appeared on the United Nations (UN) “New Universal Agenda” (preamble) to save the planet from the human race and human race from itself. Barely a few months after the WHO declared the Wuhan-flu pandemic on 13 June 2019 the UN signed an agreement with the World Economic Forum (WEF) to jointly accelerate this Agenda 2030
The so-called Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) should free everybody from the tyranny of poverty and heal our planet (preamble). The scale and ambition of this global challenge would require the collaboration of everybody on earth. It should be a collective journey (preamble) for the good of planet, for the sake of humanity. Or at least, that’s how they sell it.

Certain people…
Curiously enough, this Agenda against poverty has been put together by certain people who just so happen to be precisely the richest and most powerful people on earth, although some are no more than simply famous. These same kind of people are frequently also the ones who, when they gather to discuss and seek solutions to the threat of climate change, come to these meetings in their own private jets. This may seem contradictory but since it’s ‘for the sake of humanity’ they’re excused… by themselves and by corporate media, which happen to be theirs.

Wuhan flu narrative and pandemic restrictions…
Along the same lines of concern, when the Wuhan flu (made known as Covid-19) appeared, these same people first decided that it was good and necessary to declare a global pandemic*. Initially the disease would only affect the old and the weak. Even so, they thereafter decided it was also good and necessary to impose radical restrictions upon daily life and society as a whole, especially in the western countries (the richest and supposedly healthiest): face-masks, social distancing, obsessive hand washing and lockdowns.

(* term of which they conveniently changed the definition in recent times)

“For the sake of humanity”
The restrictions were of course put in place for the sake of humanity: to protect yourself and, ever more importantly, to protect others! (although it has never been explained why you had to “protect your grandparents” and why not “protect your grandchildren”).
This weapon of “social responsibility” has been exploited ad nauseam. Through the corporate (social) media the authorities made it very, very clear that if people didn’t comply with the restrictions or even questioned them they were anti-social, a bad person, a criminal, a terrorist, practically an enemy and these people could and even should be publicly shamed at the least, aggressively enforced, put in jale and if possible silenced forever. They had already done this successfully  with one man, so why not all the others?

Even if… Somewhat against Human Rights?
They seemed not to be bothered the least by the fact that these restrictions and impositions went somewhat against the same Human Rights that they “seek to realize” (preamble) and they did not hesitate to apply harsh enforcement against those who tried to point this out to them and to the greater public.
Surprisingly, they didn’t even worry about the tremendous economic and social disruption these restrictions were visibly causing even if they are an “integrated and indivisible part of the three dimensions of sustainable development” (preamble, still). Those disruptions did not affect only the old and the weak anymore, but also the young, the strong, the worker, the entrepreneur, almost everybody! Except, curiously enough, them. In fact they and their corporations only grew richer, bigger and stronger. (continues under Only one possible salvation etc. etc. etc.)


More to come…

An ever growing number of people is becoming aware that the absurd and sometimes even hilarious restrictions of this world-wide pandemic* were just a first step and a tryout to see how far they could go. The measures served as a mental preparation of the ordinairy, mostly sleeping citizens for more to come (while waking up others, fortunately).
All this time the sitting politicians have been trying to convert as many as possible of the “new normal” regulations into established law in their country as soon as possible (probably knowing they would be discovered or kicked out sooner or later). And they are especially keen on pushing this digital (“health”) certificate as mandatory, that easily could take society to a fully surveilled and controlled state through a social credit system as already exists in China, a country that Klaus Schwab himself considers to be a role-model.
To reach that goal they don’t count only on the pandemic* narrative to create fear and chaos amongst the population, but also on the threat of climate change, the provoked invasion in Ucraine, the expected energy and/or communications and/or banking and/or supply chain crises. And if that’s not enough they have a comet impact and extraterrestrian invasions waiting in the wings.

Pandemic > New Normal > Great Reset > Fourth Industrial Revolution > Build Back Better > Agenda 2030 > ???

As long as they see that enough people swallow their absurd narratives and comply, they’ll just continue to follow this long established chain towards that Agenda 2030 of theirs and beyond. This then should finally lead to what they themselves have anounced for decades and what many just seem to have picked up without even questioning. Something they call the New World Order – NWO. In reality, however, they’re not “New”they are OLD!


Agenda 2030 threats

These people only know one objective: MORE! More money, more power, more control.
They have always wanted this throughout the generations and human history. Nothing ‘new‘ there. At anytime and as much as possible they seek to:

  • be an ever smaller group of ruling elite, monopolizing global resources to gain full control,
  • reduce the rest of Humanity and depopulate the world,
  • turn the remaining part into some kind of obedient de-humanized robots: a homogeneous, uncritical mass that lets itself be immersed in artificial distraction which makes them easy to manipulate and forget about their own unique identity,
  • draw them away from the true, natural, healthy and powerful essence of Human Beings.

Mainly lies
There is no fair and just way to achieve this, because the goal itself is not fair nor just.
The only possible way to reach it is embracing the realm of lies. A whole lot of lies to a whole lot of people for a whole lot of time. They are good at it because they have practiced it for years, generations, centuries. They try to bend every argument to their favor. They try to instrumentalize existing public opinion in their advantage even if they don’t agree with it as long it’s of their use such as, for example, the unexpected, sudden interest in previously denied or considered irrelevant issues such as climate change, discrimination against black people or other races and the LGBT community. This goes along with the ever-fueled obsession for industrial and technological “progress.” And, of course, they all do it “for your sake” or “for the better of humanity”…

A vicious circle
But to keep standing so much lying, it franticly needs of secrecy and censorship, of distraction and manipulation, of money to bribe and weapons to threaten or even to use. On individual level and on collective level. In this way industrial, political, criminal and even legal power and control can be achieved, which in turn yield even more power and control. It’s a vicious circle that cannot be called anything other than corruption.

Inconsistencies that knock down dominoes
It’s quite a construct. But precisely because it’s a circle and all interconnected, knocking down the few right dominoes can make it all collapse. And since it’s mainly based on lies, contradictions and discrepancies are unavoidable. Secrets can leak. Distraction and manipulation have their limits as does censorship. Errors happen. A lot! And ever more.

Common sense
Many people are still quite unaware of the whole of threats of Agenda 2030 for humanity, but most people can wake up to one or more of the countless inconsistencies of this scheme that go right against common sense, many of which can already be found in past events, especially of the last few years, and those that are currently being rolled out:

Dr. Kat Lindley also created a worthy list:

Agenda 2030

🔴 Social and Carbon Credit System
🔴 Drones, facial recognition, and movement sensors
🔴 Digital Health Passport
🔴 Rationing of food and energy
🔴 Patent on seeds and restricted access to heirloom food
🔴 Abolishment of genders
🔴 Strict regulations on medicine and treatments
🔴 Universal basic income
🔴 Controlled fertility/reproduction
🔴 Elimination of cash, CBDC
🔴 Rationing of energy and other natural resources
🔴 Abolishment of private property
🔴 Fourth Industrial Revolution (Big Tech, loT, Al, digital currencies)

Is this how we want to live our lives? Will this be our children’s future?


Back to our essence

Agenda2029 is an invitation to point out and expose as many as possible of those contradictions, discrepancies,  leaked secrets and errors to reveal the real intentions behind Agenda 2030 and stop them in their tracks. At the same time it’s a call for  alternative inspirations and ideas that, in stead of further away, takes humanity back closer to its true, natural, healthy and powerful essence that we all secretly know must exist. For all, not just a few.


Natural law is on our side

In any case, never forget that the natural law, the highest global law, is on our side, because no matter what is said or done, our Human Rights are always there and can never be taken away by anyone.


Pandemic > New Normal > Great Reset > Fourth Industrial Revolution > Build Back Better > Agenda 2030 > ???



On the UN/WHO/WEF  joint venture for Agenda 2030 and their 17 SDGs