The sneaky war on farmers worldwide. #FreeAssange is also in their interest. (DE/EN/ES/FR/IT/NL)

The Farmers’ Fight = The Fight for TRUTH = The Fight to #FreeAssange

From the second week of 2024, Germany’s Farmers started protesting against all the invented and absurd measures against the Farmers to bring them down and have global food production and distribution taken over and monopolized by the giant WEF-2030 corporations.
Since then, week after week, farmers from all over Europa: Belgium, France, Italy, Spain, Austria, Romania, Poland and even Russia joined these protests. And finally also UK farmers. They all see, that this is in fact a sneaky but coordinated WAR by WEF-2030 manipulated governments against European farmers and worldwide.

The Farmers are victims too of fake government/corporate news, excuse: propaganda, which would never have existed if TV and Press were FREE and HONEST.
Since the release of Julian Assange will represent a symbolic and actual victory of that Press Freedom and Honesty, #FreeAssange is also in the interest of the farmers.

Hopefully the farmers are aware of this and will include #FreeAssange in their protests. They can do this without any additional effort with Buttons, buttons, BUTTONS! (combined buttons in this case): just wearing the buttons visibly EVERY DAY and explaining it to people when they ask about it.
Nevertheless we actually should find a way to contact them and try to explain it.

In fact, any fight against the current corrupt (media) system is a #FreeAssange fight,
#FreeTheTruth (any truth!) = #FreeThePress = #FreeAssange

For example:

Inspired by the protests in Spain where they clearly have understood that their final enemy is Agenda 2030.


A submitted message about the Dutch Farmers D-Day in support of the German farmers.

Warriors we all know why and what for!!!

Wednesday, January 10 is D-Day🚜🚜.

There will be no more meetings and discussions. Because THAT something must be done is clear, but WHAT must be done is not, simply because no one can agree.

If we start putting our own egos aside in the coming days and stop talking and consulting for a while and just turn that key next Wednesday 🚜 the (social) media will start doing its job.

Agree with your team of friends to gather, pass on the number of tractors, cars transport equipment etc. to the people in your province who have arranged this for you in 2019 and you will get the gathering locations.

Our German colleagues stand strong not by talking but by doing!!!

Anyone who also thinks that something has to be done and changed can prove it by hitching a tipper oid on January 10 after fancier time in the morning or evening and join our D-Day actie🇱🇺🇱🇺. Fear is a bad advisor!

If everyone chooses his or her own path it becomes so noticeable that this will naturally get picked up in the media.

So we’ll see you Wednesday🤝 Short, powerful, around. Make yourself heard, seen and felt! Clean up the mess of your yard in the cart and pull together!!!

Share as much as you can!!!



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