Buttons, buttons, buttons! Wear your #FreeAssange button every day until Julian is FREE!

Now more needed than ever, possible final UK court decision on Julian US extradition on 20-21 February!

Dear all! This picture is a beautiful example of a #FreeAssange Button-Street-Action! Thanks for the stimulating example and input guys!
This should not just be a single action by a single group, but an ongoing daily habit of all of us #FreeAssange warriors in Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Europa and all over the world, because now EVERY DAY is #FreeASSANGEday until Julian is, indeed, FREE!

“The Plan” – essence

This button-street-action plan particularly wants to engage NEW people for #FreeAssange, one by one, person to person. It needs no effort, just wearing your #FreeAssange button and/or t-shirt clearly exposed, all day, every day. Starting now until he is FREE.

How it works – basics

  1. When we all start wearing our #FreeAssange button visibly, every day, the whole day out there in real life…(school, work, supermarket, shop, gym, bar, restaurant, bus, subway, train).
    This alone will give more exposure, effect and impact than any “viral internet post” or any demonstration.
  2. …then people start seeing “those buttons” repeatedly, maybe several times a day. After some four or five times (at work/train/supermarket), first they will start to ask themselves what and why and after some times more they may eventually ask us directly.
  3. and when they ask, they offer us a beautiful opportunity to calmly explain why US UK put Julian in jail without any charges or conviction. Why US UK want to keep him silent and locked away forever.
    We can also ask them back: How well do they know Julian Assange and his case? Do they understand what it means for the Freedom of Press, Freedom of Speech and for their own freedoms and rigths?
  4. If we can make them understand (better) then they might actually decide to join us, start wearing the button too and do the same. So be sure to have always have an extra badge at hand!
  5. In this way the number of button-wearers will start growing. First slowly, but each time point 2 becomes more frequent so point 3 and 4 become more easy! Specially in places where the same people meet frequently (neighbourhood, bar, small shops, subway-commute, etc.).
    So then we grow ever faster and faster in an exponential, organic and Human ♥ way! With hardly any effort we can provoke a chain reaction so the collective awareness, public opinion and pressure on the UK courts to #FreeAssange will increase dramatically. It will work best in places where the same people meet frequently (neighbourhood, local bar, small shops, metro-commute etc…)

If each of us would bring in just one more active #FreeAssange supporter in a week, just because we wear the badge, then we would already have doubled our number! Imagine if each of us would bring in three or four new people (button-wearers) before Day X, before that final judgment day of Feb. 20 in London on Julian’s extradition to the US…

Remember that many other protests and demonstrations actually also often have censorship or manipulated (TV) information as the root cause. In other words, a free and fair press is fundamental for them as well. And that starts with the release of Julian Assange. So the #FreeAssange cause may “infiltrate” (in a positive way) virtually all other protests and integrate with them. Because #FreeTheTruth = #FreeThePress = #FreeAssange is applicable everywhere: whether it is the Gaza issue, the (international) farmers or the collateral damage of the experimental injections. So those others can also be invited wear an Assange button every day (associated with the other issue).

Also remember that anyone that comes over to our side will never go back! That means, we will be an ever growing army of warriors fighting for Peace using as only arms Truth and Justice. As Julian said, Peace can be started by Truth. And we are all here to carry this message to the people and make them understand too, one by one, person to person in real life.

So, let’s all just start wearing our #FreeAssange button EVERY DAY from now on in a continuous manner while simply carrying on with our activities for Day-X and emergency toolkit, knowing that this will not stop growing until Julian is FREE again.


  1. On day 1, let’s say Monday,
    the first active #FreeAssange supporter A goes out to the street with his #FreeAssange badge clearly exposed on his shirt/coat, while going about his normal life. He takes the bus/metro, goes to school/work, passes by the supermarket/shop and ends the day in a bar/restaurant or with friends! Over the day his #FreeAssange badge will be constantly exposed in a passive, non-invasive and non-aggressive way to hundreds of people. What happens? Some won’t even see it (0), some won’t care (1), but a majority WILL see it (2) and make a mental note (3). Some will wonder what it is (4), others may even stop to really observe (5), others again will actually recognize it (6) and many will agree! (7). They might even ask a question!! (8) and start a conversation!!! (9). The nicest thing is, of course, when A meets formerly unknown second active #FreeAssange supporter B in the supermarket (10), thanks to the badge they recognize each other as part of the “#FreeAssange community” (11), start talking (12), exchange ideas (13), have new inspirations (14), maybe agree to initiate some action for #FreeAssange Day (15), may become the seed of a new local active group (16) and maybe even become friends (17). Let’s say the indicated numbers are the #FreeAssange “Affinity Factor” (FAAF -invented on the go while writing).
  2. On Tuesday
    both A and B go about their ordinairy life, again with #FreeAssange well exposed. Again hundreds of people who see the badges. Let’s say that half of these people had already seen the badge the day before, either from A or B so a first repetition occurs. What happens? Well… for example, some of the people with #FreeAssange Affinity Factor 4 (those who wonder about the badges) will shift to FAAF 5 (recognize it). Some who already recognized it (5) may this time ask a question and shift to (7). Etcetera. At least a part of the group of hundreds of sunday will shift one FAAF up on monday.
  3. Wednesday
    AB and C go about their life with #FreeAssange exposed. A new repetition occurs amongst the hundreds of people they cross. Again part of these people shift one level higher in their #FreeAssange Affinity Factor FAAF. Possibly some of them reach the “level” to start wearing a badge as well.
  4. Thursday
    A, B, C, D, E, F… go out on the street with #FreeAssange clearly exposed. Get the idea? Repetition after repetition collective awareness and engagement grows. And this would only be the basics. Now imagine this same scene in a small neighbourhood, not starting with just one single indivitual but let’s say with 10 people. Right from day one the #FreeAssange supporters start wearing their badges openly! The next day maybe twice as much people because they have seen the others doing it, and the third day twice as much again.
  5. And so on until Julian will be FREE!

Again, over time, thanks to the accumulating repetition of this passive, non-intrusive and non-aggressive exposure to the #FreeAssange badge and it’s message, all people will slowly shift one, two or more levels higher in their #FreeAssange Affinity Factor so the collective awareness, public opinion and pressure will increase dramatically. It may double, triple or even more. This strengthened public pressure might well become strong enough for the “authorities” to decide not to extradite Julian or at least postpone it. Or, if public pressure had really exploded, they might even decide to actually release Julian and set him FREE!

Now we just need lots of #FreeAssange buttons!

The physical production and provision of pin buttons is and can not be centrally organized. Each person or group is free and independent to take care of this. (picture from Mexico4Julian – FB)

Here you have some references:


The #FreeAssangeDay designs can of course be used, either with or without modification.



Exponential, but Organic and Human growth!

Exponential Imagine that you just go about your normal life, obviously with #FreeAssange exposed. Since you’re actively engaged, every day you seduce 1 other person into becoming actively engaged as well and they at their turn start seducing 1 person a day too and so on. (seducing is better than convincing 😉 ) What happens?

  • Day 1 – 1 Actively Engaged Person (you) makes 1 more Actively Engaged Person (AEP) = 2
  • Day 2 – 2 AEPs make 2 new AEPs = 4
  • Day 3 – 4 AEPs make 4 new AEPs = 8
  • Day 4 – 8 AEPs + 8 new = 16
  • Day 5 – 16 + 16 new = 32
  • Day 6 – 32 + 32 = 64
  • Day 7 – 64 + 64 = 128
  • Day 8 – 128 + 128 = 256
  • Day 9 – 256 + 256 = 512
  • Day 10 – 512 + 512 = 1024

Simply because you wear your button and are actively engaged with #FreeAssange, you potentially are the source of more than a thousend new actively engaged people in just ten days, it grows exponentially! 

Possibly the example is very optimistic, but even if real results may be half of this or even one tenth, calculate this again, but now starting with a million persons all over the world… or, say, even just 1.000 in Europa. Organic and Human Moreover, this growth is beautifully Organic and Human, because it works person to person, in real life and comes about in a natural way. It’s personal, it’s Human, it’s nice, it’s friendly, it’s warm.

It’s also totally NOT programmed and quite unpredictable which for once is nice too. We live in an over-arranged, over-calculated, over-programmed, over-organized society and people, consciously or unconsiously, are totally fed up with it even if they don’t know it (yet). This unpredictable organic element only adds to the engagement and could actually be fun, if it not were for such a saddening motive.

People don’t have to be told anything or guided in any way what to do for these #FreeAssange Days. Some will simply stick to just wearing the button, others instead may additionally be inspired to write a #FreeAssange song, paint #FreeAssange graffity on their house or their boat or their car or their dog (to name just something excentric), make #FreeAssange cakes, cocktails, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

When people then, share their ideas, inspirations and actions over the internet they may yet inspire others, get in contact, make friends or create community, which would be the virtual equivalent of the button story.

The great advantage of this organic “organization” is:

  1. It actually needs no organization, no planning, no programming, no control, no attention, no nothing. It will come spontaneously from the heart of each engaged person or group.
  2. You can just let it be and expect a variety of possibly surprising results, because being FREE from restrictions allows for inspirational and creative space that, unavoidably,  will bring unexpected outcomes for #FreeAssange Day instead of a repetition of the same.


How to get people to join? Not “convincing” but “seducing”!

Don’t impose…
To get new people to join your mission or fight, to begin with, they should never feel that it is being forced upon them, as if you were a door-to-door salesman. Especially in recent years, it is almost impossible to “convince” people of anything other than what the TV says. Unless they already sensed that by themselves, but then he/she is probably already a (latent/sleeping) activist. But people can still be “seduced.” What’s the difference?

neither “convince”,
Convincing is explicitly trying to get someone from their point of view to your point of view. Often this is a head-on collision anyway, and usually on the basis of facts or arguments, numbers or statistics. But as we have heard often enough by now, it’s no longer about facts at all. It’s almost all just about feeling on an emotional level. Arguing is actually pointless.

but “seduce”.
Seduction can work precisely on that emotional level. Because seduction is not explicit, but implicit. Not colliding head-on, but sideways. Not hard, but soft. Not all at once or nothing, but little by little with patience and (much) repetition. Not directly through the conscious, but first through the subconscious. Exactly as TV does.
Repeatedly seeing an image or a slogan, in this case the buttons/Assange, as long as it is not pushed in your face too fast or too hard, first leads to recognition and then to a kind of habituation, as a result of which the sharp edges of any negative prejudice wear off. So much so, that with enough “gentle” repetition, someone may even begin to wonder what’s behind it. At some point, that curiosity may become so great that they eventually start asking, especially if the button-bearer gives a friendly, open impression.
This is almost all nonverbal which, by the way, applies just as much when handing out flyers. Never with coercion or wanting to persuade, you can tell from a person to what extent they are open to it (you can see whether or not they look at your button/flyer, whether they turn their head away as soon as they realize you see it, etc.).