Nikola Tesla, the genius who brought electricity and radio to the world.

Nikola Tesla was a scientific genius and idealist who didn’t pursue wealth, power or prestige even if he had a quite proud and sometimes arrogant character. But his main drive had always been simply to put his genius at the disposal of tecnological advance for all of humanity and he didn’t bother to “protect his own (financial) interests” as almost everybody else did and still do…

What if Tesla had been supported instead of being held back or abused by other prestige-seeking scientists and by greedy bankers?
Would the world actually have enjoyed free and clean electricity right from the early years of the 1900s in the place of the dirty and monopolized oil we have suffered instead?

Is it still possible to complete his work and turn things around anyway? Is further development of work and his patents being continued for humanitarian use by other fellow scientists that follow his footsteps or is it hidden, monopolized and secretly developed just for profit by the same greedy bankers (and multinationals) that held Tesla back in the past?


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