EVERY DAY = #FreeAssange Day until he is FREE!

“Julian has been detained since the 7th of december 2010”
Stella Assange tells us. (at 00:14)

7 December has officially been declared
Global #FreeAssange Day

We cannot wait any longer, it’s now more needed than ever. Julian is is dying and Wars started by (Media) Lies are spreading around the world, from Iraq to Afghanistan  back then to Ucraine and Palestina now. They want us to believe that continuous war is the “new normal”and unavoidable. This is the other silent and undeclared war of OWO, the OLD World Order (they are not “new”), against ordinary people through “the Great Reset” and “Agenda 2030”. 

Julian Assange is not in jail because he did something wrong, on the contrary, he did something right. He exposed US military war crimes that the US government, the Pentagon, the CIA and friends (UK) wanted to be secret and hidden from the world. Since 5 years Julian has been imprisoned and tortured in the worst prison of the UK. He is now dying. We must get him out of there!

All who are in support of Julian Assange and Truth and Justice, rose to DECLARE Global #FreeAssange Day on December 7th to make a global statement and show them how many we are all over this planet. Now we have to continue this effort turning EVERY DAY into #FreeAssangeDay until he is really FREE!

HOW? Easy! Buttons, buttons, buttons!

  • Starting NOW, simply wear your #FreeAssange BUTTONS and/or t-shirt openly, publically and clearly exposed when you go out onto the street. All day, every day! To school, to work, to meetings, on the train, bus, metro, to the supermarket, shops, bars, restaurants, discoteques, gyms… anywhere! 
    And when people ask, explain them and invite them to join and do the same. Make sure to have always have extra buttons at hand! Flyers too if you can.

    Also expose your posters and stickers on your window, on your bike, in your cars. Leave leaflets in schools, offices, shops, stations etcetera.

The key here is to do it publically and outdoors, in real life!

Instead of preaching amongst ourselves, who are already enganged, in closed circles as generally happens in demonstrations, meetings and internet bubbles, we have to go out there in real life meeting and talking with NEW people who didn’t know or understand yet, to engage them too. If they see enough repetition (of t-shirts, badges, posters) around them (again, in real life) they will start wondering and be more open to ask, listen, understand and possibly engage.


More actions!


This will boost all other other actions we are using already:

  • Share these initiatives, of course, now  more than ever: #FreeAssange videos, articles, posters, leaflets, stickers, buttons, t-shirts, hats… not just on the internet, but actually more so in real life! Not only the 7th of december but starting today and all the days running up to it.
  • Print! Use existing material, create your own or combine.
    And put it on your window, on your bike, in your car, on the bus, metro, train, at work, at school, in the supermarket… Start wearing your  #FreeAssange T-shirt or button in public every day.
  • Organize actions or demonstrations big and small, or group gatherings.
    For example, go out in small action groups in your neighbourhood with lots of leaflets to tell and explain the people why this day is #FreeAssange Day.
  • Start making and sharing your #FreeAssangeDay pictures on our collective Telegram group and your personal social channels to accumulate them for 7 december.
  • Sign or make petitions.
  • Write your local politicians or authorities.
  • Invent actions to do in groups or even alone (street-) music, theatre, sport, flash-mob
  • Suggestions are welcome! (Telegram group)
  • Open Telegram group for all: https://t.me/FreeAssangeDay
  • Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/FreeAssangeDay


Available material

Check the OFFICIAL FreeAssange Emergency TOOLKIT

In this TOOLKIT (Click the links below to access information):





#FreeAssange #FreeAssangeNOW #FreeTheTruth #FreeThePress #FreeSpeech #USUK!