Dutch National Television (NOS) interview with Julian Assange 2011 (short EN►ES/IT/NL)

A long, long time ago, when your grandfather was still a little child, like you now, the news on Dutch national TV was still rather objective, open and honest. I know its hard for you imagine right now, but it really is true. And it was like that in many other European countries, EVEN in the first ten or twenty years after our promising Community for the people was degraded to an ordinairy, homogenized and fully comercialized Market for the banks and large corporations to please those United Stated on the other end of the Atlantic.

In those times they sometimes still showed full interviews (WOW!) where they allowed the people to finish talking and giving real answers without interrupting them, without a planned script, without interference to push certain views and without afterwards cutting away the parts they did not want the public to see or to know of.

Since it’s so hard to believe I first gave you this small example. Now you’re ready for the full version, if you want.
By the way, they were well done, those old-fashioned Dutch subtitles. More comfortable to read and understand than how they are made today, isn’t it? Even that has been influenced by the other side of the Atlantic…

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NOS interview with Julian Assange 2011 - FULL (EN►NL)
Full version of the Julian Assange Interview with Dutch National Television (NOS) 15/01/2011 - when European TV still was open and honest, sometimes.


NOS correspondent Arjen van der Horst in conversation with Julian Assange about WikiLeaks, the Netherlands and the US.

NOS-correspondent Arjen van der Horst in gesprek met Julian Assange over WikiLeaks, Nederland en de VS.
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