EudraVigilance, recorded cases of collateral damage from Covid ‘vaccines’ in Europa

EudraVigilance is the official (so, even recognized by mainstream) European database of suspected adverse drug reaction reports, as is VAERS for the US. Doctors should report all cases of adverse events or collateral damage related to any vaccine. Since 2020 it also includes the pseudo-vaccines against the Wuhan flu, better known as Covid-19 or SARS-CoV-2.

It is well known that the reported cases only represent somewhere between one and ten procent of total cases, because many doctors have no time or will or courage to report them. For those doctoros who do dare and wish to make the effort of vaccine transparency the procedure is a hassle, long and boring. Even so, the number of collateral Covid ‘vaccine’ damage in only two years greatly outnumbers all other vaccine adverse events ever!

The reported collateral damage cases of the several Covid ‘vaccines’ are found on this page and scrolling down to:

Up to 10 december 2022 they show the following results respectively:

  • ModeRNA ‘vaccine’ – 362.820 reported cases of collateral damage
  • Pfizer-BioNtech ‘vaccine’ – 1.181.403 reported cases of collateral damage
  • AstraZeneca ‘vaccine’ – 539.746 reported cases of collateral damage
  • Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) ‘vaccine’ – 70.292 reported cases of collateral damage
  • NovaVax ‘vaccine’ – 1.502 reported cases of collateral damage

Total reported cases of collateral damage by these Covid ‘vaccines’ is way over a staggering two million persons in the EU alone (2.155.763). Again, take in account that only between 1% and 10% of cases are actually reported so do the math. And this, only in two years time.

Should we thank EUrsula von der Leyen and her husband Heiko for splenditly ‘uniting’ Europa this way?

Human health and happiness cannot be expressed in statistics

Due to either deliberate secrecy or carelessness we do not know the total number of people that have been subject to these risky injections and how many of them, so it’s impossible to determine which of them is most dangerous. Probably it doesn’t really matter, Human health and happiness cannot be expressed in statistics — although Big Data and other number & graphs fanatics (bankers, economists, tax inspectors, burocrats, politicians, marketing and sales managers, social and demographic ‘experts’…) want to believe, but specially want you to believe that humans and life can somehow be expressed (or even substituted) by numbers, models and algorithms.

It should be enough to be consider, that knowingly injecting toxic laboratory chemicals into any living organism (not just humans) is wrong by definition and simply not done, whether you believe in a conscious creator of some kind or in a natural order through randomness of some other kind.