The Slow-Motion Execution of Julian Assange Continues

The ruling by the High Court in London permitting Julian Assange to appeal his extradition order leaves him languishing in precarious health in a high-security prison. That is the point.

The title and the intro of this article by Chris Hedges one day after the High Court’s decision says it all.

  1. It does not mean Julian will elude extradition.
  2. It does not mean the court has ruled, as it should […]
    But especially…
  3. It does not mean he will be released from the high-security HMS Belmarsh prison where, as Nils Melzer, the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture, after visiting Julian there, said he was undergoing a “slow-motion execution.

That third point is where it all really comes down to. Independently of all the false, absurd and unsustainable accusations of the US… it really is England (I don’t think Scotland, Ireland or Wales have anything to do with it…) that is factually playing with Julian’s well-being and life.

So how come that all efforts seem to be directed only to disarm the obvious nonsense-claims of the US, instead of directly accusing England of knowingly, willingly and even publicly torturing someone? It doesn’t matter what the US say, claim or invent. And it doesn’t matter whether Julian would or would not be guilty of that.

The point is that England cannot be allowed by other countries, entities, organizations or anyone to have been torturing someone and, with this decision, continue to do so!

Why isn’t any English entity or person who is responsible for and involved in Julian’s continuous torture being charged?

This is a repeated suggestion from Sue the UK for torture