Just one of many Europeans supporting Kennedy for President of the US 2024!

Robert Kennedy is being silenced by mainstream media!
Let’s compensate that by making #EuropeansForKennedy go viral on social media and show them our external, European support for JFK (not just from within the US). Tell your friends in the US.

Comment to: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTKL_B27JL8

I’m a European who is totally disappointed by Europa, more specifically the E”U”. Since Europa was degraded to this “Union” (actually just a “Market”) in 1989 it has only served agressive neo-liberalism pushed precisely by US corporate lobbies in favor of Big Industry with the support from Thatcher’s UK, while completely forgetting (or politically exact: not giving a damn) about we, the people.

To say it bluntly, our good old Europa had been turned into a passive, stupid appendix of the US without its own identity anymore and loosing one of its most beautiful characteristics, diversity, becoming an ever more homogeneous, amorph and tasteless industrial – typically US junk-food – kind of cheese so to speak.

In the former E”U” elections of 2019 I still strongly believed in the possibility of MEGA (Make Europa Great Again) meaning Europa should return to its roots and go back to being a COMMUNITY: for and by the people instead of this horrible common market just for banks and corporations, with the TTIP negotiations as one of the most despicable tricks they tried to pull on us. I believed in “a better Europa for a better World” as counterpart of precisely the USAMerican type of corporate, military-industrial complex-like society.

Now, in the E”U”elections of 2024, lacking any promising or hope-giving parties or personalities, it seems that things have turned around. With all major E”U” parties and coalitions being some kind of EUrsula von der Leyen copies anyway, basically following the 2030 doctrine, my greatest hope for Europa is now, paradoxilly, “a better USAmerica for a better World”, thanks to Kennedy’s candidacy, where indeed just the first step of pardoning Julian Assange, already exceeds any promise or intention made by any E”U” parlamentarian group. In addition to that there is Kennedy’s life-long (actually generations-long!) battle against the military-industrial complex, including its polution and toxicity, and against big pharma. This can indeed lead to a better USAmerica, which will most surely have a positive effect also for the “old” continent and which may actually allow for Europa to return to be what it was meant to be, Free and Independent, as a COMMUNITY.

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