Robert F. Kennedy Jr. will pardon Assange and Snowden, when elected President of the US. (EN►DE/EN/ES/FR/IT/NL)

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Independent US Presidential Candidate 2024

I would pardon people.
I intend to use the pardon power.

And I intend to use it very quickly.

I’m gonna pardon Julian Assange,
I’m gonna pardon Edward Snowden…

I may pardon Ross Ulbricht if I find that…

his sentence,
his very lengthy senctence…

was the result of making an example…

of him in order to punish
bitcoin and cryptocurrencies.

Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is the only presidential candidate who has understood that “Making America Great Again” really starts by restoring the value, respect and honor of the American first and most important amendment. And he understands that this begins with pardoning the two most important whistleblowers of our times: Julian Assange and Edward Snowden.

He continues to say that actually also defends bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, maybe against the planned and controlled CBDC, but the reporter cuts him short there.
It’s also known that he has fought an almost life-long battle against big pharma, the covid narrative and all its ‘associated’ absurd and destructive measures.

Supporting Robert Kennedy will be a great step to promote freedom for Assange. And who knows, maybe not just to make America great again, but to make the whole world a more transparent, just and better place to live.

But Kennedy is being silenced

Unfortunately, Kennedy himself is the first victim of the non-free press in the US and is being silenced in his own country by Biden and the Democrats, by Trump and the Republicans, by the military-industrial complex, by Wall Street, the banks, big pharma and by the globalist media (MSM) themselves. He can only rely on the smaller-scale alternative media that have to compete against the multi-millionaire propaganda machines of Biden and Trump.
That’s be why it might be challenging, ironic and even funny if we from Europe and the rest of the world do the work that Julian Assange might have wanted to do for him… support Kennedy en masse in that unfair fight by making #GlobalSupportForKennedy viral and thus perhaps help create a “better America” also for us.

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