WHO got us into this mess?

A short timeline found at The New World Order exposed” video triggered a first extension on our Old World Order – OWO page but it soon gained ‘the right’ and the need for a separate independent page. As a continuous work in progress we will be adding new dates, references and links TOGETHER! Suggestions like additional sources and other references, links or opinions (if possible with own reference as well) are welcome.

The more we know about how we got into this mess,
the better we will know how to get out of it and avoid it in the future.

In fact, that’s the reason why OWO always seeks to hide the truth, to change definitions and to erase our past or at least manipulate it. Now they even dare to go as far as stating that scientific work should not use references of older than 10 years anymore. Could it be because this time period is already fully controlled by them or mostly only on line so it can always be backwards manipulated? Printed books cannot. Maybe it’s time to start safeguarding and using old books again.


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#ExitTheWho, #StopTheTreaty, #FREEset

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