Call to journalists: always close publications with “Furthermore, I consider that Assange must be freed.”

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Open call to everybody, but most specifically to honest journalists. It’s very simple:

From now on, close ALL your articles, speeches, programs, broadcasts, podcasts, social media and other publications always with the words:

“Furthermore, I consider that Assange must be freed.”

in written text add: #FreeAssange 

Like in the old Rome

This simple tactics was used by Cato the Elder, a politician of the Roman Republic.
The phrase originates from debates held in the Roman Senate prior to the Third Punic War (149–146 BC) between Rome and Carthage. Cato is said to have used the phrase as the conclusion to all his speeches, to push for the war, even when the debate was on a completely different matter. (wikipedia)

“Ceterum censeo Carthaginem delendam esse

The same annoying tactics as advertising

The force of this tactics is the continuous repetition, instead of just mentioning it once or twice and with that consider it “done” or to have complied. This unending hammering is, of course, the same annoying tactics that advertising has always bored us with. If it is done in a consistent way by enough people, it will have more impact than demonstrations. It will only stop when Julian Assange is finally released.

So, now lets use it for a real cause!

  • In the first place Julian Assange has now been held prisoner and tortured without any official accusation or trial in Belmarsh, the worst prison of the UK, AKA the British Guantanamo, since 11 april 2019.
  • He is held there for extradition to the US where he WILL be accused and possibly sentenced to 175 years of prison.
  • The accusation of the US is no more than having reveiled the truth to the public about US war crimes. So WHO is the real criminal here?
  • Even if you don’t care about Julian or you don’t like him, it is undeniable that Julian Assange has become the absolute symbol for the Freedom of Press and thus Freedom of Speech, which stand at the basis of (y)our Universal Human Rights. So even if you wouldn’t defend Julian, for your own good you still might want to defend (y)our own Human Rights.


US UK together have, once again, decided
that they are above any international law, agreement, rule
as well as human ethics, morality, dignity, rights and justice.
That sucks.

So again, all of us who publish anything, anywhere, lets always close those publications with:
“Furthermore, I consider that Assange must be freed.”

Alternatively, if you want to keep the historical element in your declaration you can opt for latin:
“Ceterum censeo Assangem Liberandum esse”
If you’re short on time, space or letters also the good old #FreeAssange will do of course.

The important point is to be insistent.
Just in case you didn’t know… in the end Carthago WAS destroyed.

Ceterum censeo Assangem liberandum esse.  #FreeAssange


Petitions to #FreeAssange

Global – Free Julian Assange, before it’s too late. Sign to STOP the USA Extradition.
UK – UK Don’t Extradite Assange
USA must drop charges against Julian Assange – Amnesty International
Libertà per Julian Assange – Freedom for Julian Assange


What’s Eur Opinion?

To what degree do you find that:

- any media outlet or individual journalist and
- any government or individual politician,
if they do not publicly demand to #FreeAssange...

are accepting and allowing:

- the suppression of Free Press and Free Speech?

- anti-democratic censorship by governments and institutions?

- unjustified imprisonment of innocent citizens?

- the breakdown of Universal Human Rights?

- the breakdown of Democracy as a whole?

- a victory of injustice in the world?

To what degree do you consider sole confinement in Belmarsh prison, UK, to be torture?

Do you think Julian Assange should be freed?

Should those responsible for the hunt and detention of Julian Assange be prosecuted?

To what degree do you support 7 december to be declared "International #FreeAssange Day"?

Your country?
(Free and Optional, just for statisctics - choose or add your country in your own language)


References to Assange’s suffering and the US UK institutional injustice against him




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