“Fake news” vs. Lies

  • Post author:Agenda2029
  • Post published:08/02/2024
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When they call it Fake News it’s a sign to pay atention to it.

Those who use one of those newly invented ‘politically correct’ terms, since the covid narrative of course, like Fake News, dis- or malinformation, fact-checked or on a lesser level debunked (already used before) is generally a WEF-2030 adept. Awake people generally would call lies lies. Or crap or bullshit or just nonsense for that matter. They don’t bother about being ‘politically correct’, because they know that that term in itself is the ‘politically correct’ way of saying hypocrite. Precisely NOT being ‘politically correct’ may have been one of the elements of success of Trump’s election in 2016 and may be again in 2024.