Technology vs. Humanity – Gerd Leonhard

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  • Post published:21/03/2023
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Every extension of mankind, especially technological extensions, has the effect of amputating or modifying some other extension […]
The extension of a technology like the automobile ‘amputates’ the need for a highly developed walking culture, which in turn causes cities and countries to develop in different ways.
The telephone extends the voice, but also amputates the art of penmanship gained through regular correspondence.
We all have become peopole who regularly praise all extensions, and minimize all amputations.

Gerd Leonhard

Which side are you on?

Gerd Leonhard’s provocative new manifesto. Are you ready for the greatest changes in recent human history? Futurism meets humanism in Gerd Leonhard’s ground-breaking new work of critical observation, discussing the multiple Megashifts that will radically alter not just our society and economy but our values and our biology. Wherever you stand on the scale between technomania and nostalgia for a lost world, this is a book to challenge, provoke, warn and inspire.