WEF-2030 Incoherencies

The WEF-2030 Agenda narrative is full of incoherencies. For people with critical sense or even healthy common sense this is more than obvious. But the people who allow themselves to be absorbed and manipulated by the TV* have lost the capacity to distinguish between the overly repeated 2030 nonsense and natural healthy logic and common sense.
Here I will gather some of  the countless obvious incoherencies of the whole 2030 scheme, which unavoidably starts with the supposed catch-phrase of the whole distorted WEF-2030 Great Reset ideas:

You’ll own nothing and you’ll be happy…

So WEF-2030 is saying that people will be happy if they own nothing and depend on others for absolutely everything. Does this really sound “happy”?
And of course, if you (all of us normal people) don’t own anything, who DOES own it? Does that sound “happy”?


The “green” spirit

Green is not what it used to be anymore.
The term and philosophy has been hijacked by WEF-2030 to use it in their favour. In other words make YOU follow schemes in their advantage (money, power or control) with the excuse that it’s good for Planet and/or People. Like  for example “green” electricity, very well expressed in the picture.