Natural clouds

Since time immemorial (ok… 1803) there have existed four types of natural clouds:

  • cirrus,
  • cumulus,
  • stratus
  • and nimbus.


whether you look at drawings or real pictures:
(the drawings on the right are from,
see also “Ten Basic Clouds“)
See or KNMI (Royal Dutch Institute of meteorology) for some pictures.


What is clearly NOT part of natural clouds is this ->
these 2030 geo-engineered HAARP or whatever clouds should not be there and all who are responsible for them should give some explanation. Unfortunately since at least 2020 no government or authority in the world gives any explanation about or take any responsibility for anything anymore. They only decide, but then don’t mind about and are also immune for any consequences. Probably part of the “New Normal”, because…


Agenda 2030 essentially seeks to turn everything normal into artificial and the artificial into the “new normal”: intelligence, health, food, beauty, love, war and even the sky.
The Agenda 2030 “clouds” are not clouds of course, they are chemtrails.



The ruling part of mankind, who love to present themselves as “new” but in reality they are just the OLD World Order (OWO), have only one obsession and that is to control everything. Starting from controlling the money and power they obtain through monopolies and controlling  the wars they create to maintain and increase these monopolies to the control they want to exert over people’s lives, health and wellbeing to even controlling the weather and nature in its entirety. Even if they would reach this last stage, they will only see confirmed that how nature was doing it was just fine. There is no way to improve it and they won’t ever be able to make a better bee than the natural bee that has been around for some 100 million years. In fact, with their unnatural, controlling and destructive nature OWO won’t ever be able to make anything that lasts.