By now most people know that “official” sources never tell us the full story and the part they do tell is only meant and adapted to favor public opinion. But most of all, they do NOT tell us the secrets a state wants to hide, for being, for example, criminal, corrupt, going against (inter)national law, rules, treaties or simply going against Human Rights, Liberties, Ethics, Morals or Dignity. Often the military is directly or indirectly involved or else bank secrecy and huge amounts of black money laundering either by large companies or very wealthy people.

Fortunately there are sources that either can provide us with the raw material of what really happened or insights from people who are somehow knowledgeable and generally critical about government’s and other entity’s doings.

  1. Wikileaks.orgJulian Assange
  2. John Pilger – website of the great australian investigative journalist who, unfortunately, passed away
  3. (1996-2016)
  4. – International Consortium of Investigative Journalists
  5. – Tax Justice Network
    This site regularly provides the global Bank Secrecy Index (called Financial Secrecy Index)
    It is important to understand that Bank Secrecy goes beyond “just” Tax Havens.
    While Tax Havens like the Netherlands, Luxembourg or Ireland ‘simply’ may offer exagerated tax “discounts” as a priviledge to the wealthy and powerful, generally large corporations, it still is within the boundaries of certain legality and it also has a certain transparency. At least it is known who owns the money.
    Bank Secrecy is a totally different matter. This is talking about Switzerland or the Cayman Islands. Bank Secrecy is what allows to hide black money, generally coming from crime and corruption.
  6. – James Corbett
  7. The Highwire – Del Bigtree
  8. PEN international
  9. FTM Follow The Money (NL)
  10. DW Deutsche Welle (DE►EN)