AIFA Fuori dal Coro, joint letter (PDF – IT)

We share this joint, open letter (PDF – IT) to AIFA (Italian Pharmaceutics Agency) that has been countersigned by a great number of associations and professionals.

Now the revelations about Covid-19 (severe collateral damage and death) are in the public domain (TV documentaries by Fuori dal Coro program), IT IS IMPOSSIBLE TO DO NOTHING! What has been released nowadays by Fuori dal Coro for us is just the confirmation of what we have already been saying for a long time!

We’re done talking now!
Either the government and the people have to act or it will mean that time for dialogue is over since those who continue to remain silent now are either in cahoots with the culprits, or are themselves guilty, either of bad faith or obliviousness.

open full letter (PDF – IT)

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Dear Entities,
Hereby, the undersigned signatory associations and professionals, following the disconcerting truths emerged from journalistic investigations concerning the behavior of AIFA and ISS (the Hight Institute of Health) officials, in in particular the disclosure of emails exchanged between former Director Magrini and ISS President Dr. Brusaferro, as well as between Dr. Marra and AIFA staff, signify the following:

  1. Dr. Marra’s modus operandi appears beyond “outlandish,” where she publicly advocated the transparency of the policies of AIFA (defined as a “public body”) when instead, behind closed doors closed and open emails, she even arranged to delete public data on the number and extent of the adverse effects produced by the so-called “vaccines”:
    Fuori dal Coro, directed by Dr. Mario Giordano, 2 May 2023
  2. Dr. Magrini’s “doubts” toward vaccine “trials” emerged in an email exchange with Dr. Brusaferro:
    Fuori Dal Coro, directed by Dr. Mario Giordano:
    However, Dr. Magrini signed statements in which AIFA advocated the campaign vaccination and the inoculation of a pharmacological product, which it claimed did not possess the characteristics of the “trial,” although it candidly admitted it was a product subject to conditional AIC at the centralized level;
  3. From the January 2021 documents, it is clear that AIFA was fully aware of of the adverse events that had occurred as a result of the Healers’ vaccination and, in predicting a further increase, officials described the issue as “relevant,” also asserting, “surely the fact of having had the disease must enter into the risk/benefit assessment”
    Fuori dal Coro, directed by Dr. Mario Giordano, March 28, 2023:
    Despite the continued publication of scientific evidence that demonstrated, regarding the vaccination of the Healed, an increase in adverse effects (up to 60%) even serious ones, against of a non-significant benefit, the vaccination of individuals already cured of COVID-19, even going so far as to impose it through the well-known obligations, which persisted with the suspension of the healed sanitarians until November this year, with very serious repercussions both on public health as well as social and economic, including on the NHS.

Therefore, the present in order to invite and warn, in light of the above observations, without delay, to Voler immediate resignation from the apex leadership of AIFA and, in particular, in any case, revoke any mandate from Dr. Marra, for the purpose of a repentance industriousness of the Entity and the respect due to a public entity.

In any case, in view of the gravity of the situation and the importance of the public role played by the Entity, the Executive is requested to place all due measures of suspension and revocation of positions already conferred by Presidential Decrees on the basis of ministerial indications ministerial indications, in order to ensure transparency and good performance of the Public Administration, and prevent the perpetuation of further harm to the same and to Italian citizens.

Finally, the undersigned CMSi points out that what has finally been publicized is still unfortunately only the tip of the iceberg of adverse reactions to these vaccines. In fact, AIFA Reports, based on passive surveillance, detect suspected adverse reactions hundreds of times lower than those detected detected by institutional active surveillance systems (such as v-safe of the US CDCs, cited as active surveillance 10 times in the AIFA Annual Report 2021, but without accounting for its results…) and by the randomized controlled trials (RCTs) used to register the vaccines of Pfizer and Moderna.
For the serious (severe) adverse reactions, although it is hard to believe, the gap with surveillance active is even greater, and equal to or greater than 1,000-fold. The evidence for this claim can be can be found in the article The 12th AIFA Report on  surveillance of Anti-Covid-19 Vaccines detects suspected adverse reactions many hundreds of times lower than the active CDC surveillance and registrational trials | CMSi website (

[Then follows the list of signatories]