WABT and Agenda2029 for the World Wide Rally for FREEDOM – Milano, 20/05/2023

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by WABT and Agenda2029.is
in the context of
the World Wide Rally for Freedom
and the Great FREEset
(PurplePower and Children’s Health Defence)
Milano, 20/05/2023


Confused by secrecy and censorship, we were first startled by a life-threatening virus, which was said to be causing a terrible pandemic. But suddenly there was the “vaccine” that was supposed to save us. So then they introduced the (medical) “green” pass, which would prove that you were “safe…”

Some had seen it right away, others found out a little more slowly, but many began to see that these were steps within a longer trajectory. If you were somewhat informed and aware, you could see it. Points that if you followed them formed a line.

From that medical pass to a digital identity, then also digital money and eventually a digital social credit system. A line that could be extended to the digital “Smart cities,” “Smart working” and if possible “Smart Life” resulting in the complete dehumanization of global society and people themselves.
A line that was to run from the “New Normal” through theirGreat Reset” (?) to Agenda 2030!

And what if you don’t believe in that? Or if you don’t agree with it? Or it just does not make you “happy”?
Then you find others who think the same way. And then you draw another line together. One that crosses that first line. And stops it. And offers other alternatives… that are to be reached sooner.
From a Natural Normal, through our Great FREEset to Agenda 2029!


  • Raffaella Regoli – Giornalista
  • Lorena Corrias – Como for Assange
  • Prof. Joseph Tritto – Presidente WABT
  • Avv. Frida Chialastri – Avv. internazionale, WABT
  • Gian Luca Beretta – Minacce identità ed Euro digitale (CBDC
  • Riccardo Barbieri – Presidente PurplePower, presentazione Agenda2029
  • Paolo Iracà – Associazione Dicentra
  • Pasquale Catanese – Partite Iva Federate Lombardia
  • Andrea Libero Gioia – OPI, comunità alternativa
  • Valerio Cesarini – VoiceWise, I.A. al servizio del uomo
  • Prof. David Anderson – Vitamina D e sistema immunitario

PurplePower has been fighting for (y)Our Great FREEset since 2021 and continues to do so as Agenda2029, its naturally evolved successor.

It is a joy and an honor that Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s Children’s Health Defense has now adopted the same term for its campaign against the WHO

The Great Reset vs. The Great Freeset. Which side of history will you stand on? Will you allow the ushering in of a one-world government to undermine the powers of sovereign nations and our individual rights, or will you defend your rights and choose freedom?
Sign the petition to avoid the power grab by the WHO and the UN.


more videos are work in progress