“The Line” (04) Prof. Joseph Tritto (2 of 3) – the accused characters and similar (IT►EN/ES/NL)

Part 04 of “The Line (abstract – 2 of 3)
WABT and Agenda2029 for World Wide Rally for FREEDOM and the Great FREEset

Prof. Tritto discusses the key figures WABT has sued at the International Court of Justice in The Hague, in June 2022, notably including secretaries-general of both the UN, António Guterres, and World Health Organization (WHO) Tedros Ghebreyesus.

As befits (international) bureaucratic organizations, no concrete answer has come yet, but WABT is preparing in the meantime, for further steps. Our very own EUrsula may be next.

Why can WABT do this?

WABT does this as an official NGO sub-organization of the UN itself, specializing in bio-technology, in its critical role to defend and uphold the original mission and goals of the UN. It observes, among other things, that WHO no longer serves the common good of the world’s citizens, but has degenerated into a profit-driven private organization dedicated to the development of bio-weapons. WABT advocates not abolishing WHO or putting down another alternative body (takes too long), but returning both WHO and UN to their original mission by replacing leadership.


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