Italy has sunk deep: second honorary doctorate for Dr. Fauci – after Rome, now also Siena

Anthony Fauci received a honorary doctorate from the university of Siena last Saturday 17/06/2023 but it was not publicized in main stream media. Maybe they didn’t want too much people to know on beforehand? If you now search  for the event in google you only find results of a later date and most of them only seem to use it basically to hightlight the presence of opponents and protestors as a welcome new occasion to apply their favourite disqualification term of “no vax” again, as if they had been missing it.

But still, even a dutch article qualifies the event as a degradation of italy, the country that today holds the territory from which the foundations of today’s democracy originate. Agenda2029 offers a raw translation of this article.


How deep can you sink as a country? Italy is doing its best to find out.
This geographical area can be considered the cradle of the Western form of state and legal culture (Res Publica) on the one hand, and, on the other, of the italian Renaissance (il Rinascimento) – with its new vision of art, science, medicine with a certain appreciation of objectivity and verifiability, in fact, the scientific method. [1,2] Two historical foundations of democracy with its supposed honesty, transparency and justice began in this area that now is Italy.

Back to middle age tyranny?

Is it not incredible and extremely sad, then, that precisely in this same territory with this historic mentality of progress, the current authorities and bodies of this country seem to want to play an internationally leading role in the regression to a kind of medieval tyrannical mentality with its associated practices? A mentality in which rules are imposed on the people without any consultation and with arguments that are riddled with absurdity, incoherence and outright lies, while any form of dissent is aggressively suppressed with physical or verbal violence (fact checkers), as if it were a modern witch hunt?

Fauci, a second Italian honorary doctorate!

Last Saturday, 17/06/2023, the University of Siena awarded an honorary doctorate to none other than Anthony Fauci. [3] Yes, the same Dr. Fauci who, together with Bill Gates and Tedros Gebreyesus, deliberately caused worldwide Covid hysteria in order to carry out the mass experiment with mRNA injections and thus generate extremely high profits for Big Pharma. And all that without caring about all the possible and predictable serious side effects or even death as a result of this injection.

Contra-award ceremony and three demonstrations

To offer at least a counterpoint and some light in this dark development, a certain Professor Tritto [probably hardly known in the Netherlands until now] of the WABT, a sub-organization of the UN that is critical of the UN itself and the WHO, organized a counter-award ceremony. [4] This award went to people and organizations that are committed to freedom of expression, the preservation of free choice and the dissemination of (medical) science without dogmas – people who do dare and would like to have an open debate. This event took place in a hall next to Siena Cathedral, so certainly no small venue.

There were also three demonstrations, the largest of which was in the Lizza park with “Fauci go home” signs and also appropriate and deserved “Free Assange” banners. Among other things, these protests were directed against the impending vaccination requirement and the many biolabs (Wuhan type) that have recently opened or are being planned throughout Italy.



Original article from the Vaccine Free Foundation in the Netherlands.
translated with ♥
Stichting Vaccin Vrij