“The Line” (10) Bilderberg 2023 – Raffaella Regoli for Fuori dal Coro (IT►EN/ES/NL)

Raffaella Regoli, italian investigative journalist for the programm Fuori dal Coro went to Lisboa to have a close look at the annual Bilderberg reunion, the global shadow government. This group of the most wealthy and powerful people, is going to discuss once again what restrictions to put on the common world population for any agreed upon,  planned and propagated global “crisis” (climate, energy, water, war…), while they arrive in their private jets, being driven around in their fancy blue protected limousines and toasting with champaign, as always, in maximum luxury and pretended secrecy.

As you can see, the Bilderberg
guests are now arriving.

The most powerful men on the planet,
now meeting in secret.

Mr. Schmidt! No, no.
Mr. Schmidt!!

No, don’t touch me!

The Italian Embassy.
No, no, don’t take anything. Do not touch me!

Do not touch me!
They are push…..

(The super secret meeting
of the men who rule the world.)

When I arrive in Lisbon, Italy is already
overwhelmed by a new emergency,

that of the climate crisis, ready to
take over the pandemic crisis.

And behind the closed doors of this
luxury hotel, they are about to meet:

Bilderberg, the club of
the masters of the world.

One of the chosen topics is
precisely the ecological transition,

in other words, how to make
money by ‘saving the planet’.

Around the club of 33 you will
find the most powerful men…

of the financial sector, energy,
heads of state and intelligence services.

Far from the cameras…

they plan events
that will happen as if by chance.

Crises of the economy,
public health and climate,

which are managed with one
and the same technique: fear!

We are at Lisbon airport.
Here they arrive in their private jets.

They have an escort, private jets,
blue (important) cars,

something other than “green”.

Excuse me what’s the problem?
This is public property.

– You can’t be here.
No, no, not in front of the camera!

We are being identified.

Blue cars and private jets, a little different
than sacrificing yourself for the planet.

Bourla, the boss of Pfizer,
also arrives in a private jet.

Here in a stolen recording several
hours later toasting with champagne.

Mr. Rachmann!

The entire elite of
international news is here.

Zanny Minton, the Economist.
Micklethwait, Bloomberg.

Rachmann, Financial Times,
reporting the floods in Italy today…

on the front page with
the title: “Climate Alert”.

And here’s Lilli Gruber,
the journalist representing Italy…

within the Bilderberg committee together
with Marco Alverà ex-SNAM, ex-ENI…

now the boss of TES, ready to
monetize the “green hydrogen”.

Next come the secret
intelligence services.

He’s Sowers, ex-head
of British intelligence.

And this is Mié, head
of French espionage.

An hour later, the Secretary General
of NATO arrives…

and the European Secretary General
of the Atlantic Alliance.

What does NATO have to do
with Artificial Intelligence men…

or who deal with “green”?

It looks like a future war.
The Bilderberg government.

All streets around the
Pestana hotel are closed.

They pretty much took
over the public road.

In those rooms there are now meetings
about what will happen in the future.

And so we wonder,

are they maniging this climate crisis
and the next pandemic?

Can’t even film here?

Luxury, wealth and total secrecy
characterize the shadow regime…

who do big business
thanks to the global crises,

while imposing upon the people
great sacrifices based on fear.

– Who are you waiting for?
– I’m waiting for my client, Eric Schmidt.

– President of the Board of Google.
– Yes, yes, Google.

– The president of the board of Alphabet.
– Huhuh.

Who arrives there is Eric Schmidt, the 54th
richest man in the world according to Forbes.

Mr. Schmidt!
No no! Mr Schmidt!!

What did you talk
about at Bliderberg?

After the ‘pandemic’, the
key word is climate crisis.

In 2010, Bill Gates was at
the conference and he said

that in the years to come we
will see ourselves obliged…

to exaggerate the use
of geoengineering…

to compensate for human
impacts on the climate.

And meanwhile, Schmidt and the
others go back and forth with their jets.

It’s two o’clock, they’ve finished work
and they’re coming out now.

That’s Kristian Jensen,
the director of Green Power.

Hello sir, I am a journalist.

Is climate crisis new business?

What are you doing, are you cutting me off?

A few kilometers further,
the movement “We are ready”…

try to make their voice heard
on the closing day of Bilderberg.

The climate crisis,
the Covid crisis, the health crisis…

In a gated hotel they decide
the future of humanity.

This is the palace of Ajuda where
Bilderberg’s guests have their gala dinner.

There they are on the
balcony of this royal palace.

Here is the German financial elite.

And a little further on is him,
Albert Bourla, CEO of Pfizer.

And while they toast with champagne inside,
outside democracy is being suspended.

The police are taking it out on us journalists,
taking phones and cameras off our hands.

We are journalists, not criminals.
No! Give my camera back!

Italian Embassy. No, don’t take it off.
Do not touch me!

Do not touch me!
They are push….

This is physical violence.

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