“The Line” (03) Lorena Corrias on Julian Assange (IT)

Part 03 of “The Line
WABT and Agenda2029 for World Wide Rally for FREEDOM and the Great FREEset

The starting point of everything that has been happening over the last few years was secrecy and censorship. This allowed politicians, newsreaders and physicians to invent the whole Covid-19 narrative and the rest, based on lies and nonsense. However, any dissent has been consistently stifled and all lies and mistakes were consistently covered up, litterally as JFK says in his most famous speech.

The person who most is suffering and symbolizes the tyrannical injustice by US and UK for the loss of FREEDOM of Speech and of FREE Press in modern times is Julian Assange. In his defense, honor and support we asked Lorena Corrias of Como for Assange to open our small conference for TRUTH, FREEDOM and FREEset.

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