17-18 March, Paris – World Health and Humanity Forum | WABT – World Alliance for Biomedicine and Technology

2023 Times are changing…..

Financial technocrats with visions and theories that we believed erased after the tragic nazi period of the second war, are raising with ambitions to dominate and to drive the human species and his evolution. It is our mission, Men of Faith and Freedom, to propose the unique model that can help Humanity to progress and to survive:

the Model of Life, to preserve and to protect, and to promote a better knowledge of the essence of Life and the destiny of human mankind.

Biological weapons are developed despite international treaties – France Soir interview with Prof. Joseph Tritto.


World Health Forum – World Humanity Forum

17-18 March 2023, Paris
The Event is the Message for Men of Good Will to put Science, Technologies, Financial Assets and International Governance at the Service of Humanity.

There is the need of a deep change of the Governance of UN and the linked international institutions, an urgent renewal of the leaderships in UN, WHO etc. with personalities with high integrity profile and sense of duty;

  • there is a role to refuse the shift of the fundamental program of UN on Sustainable Development to private financial cartel with distopic and dishumanistic vision of the future of humankind;
  • there is a role to propose a new program in UN – Save and Protect Humanity for his Progress -, and a new Agency to protect Health of Humankind, refusing to confuse the needs of Biosecurity and Biosafety with Health protection as a fundamental asset of the human Bioeconomies and as expression of the Free Human Choice to be healthy – Open Health Values.


Forum Program

March 17, 2023

Palais des Congres – Issy-les-Moulineaux – The World Humanity Forum Day

WHF Day has the scope to present key lectures from the scientific fields linked to Humanity, even if not-exhaustive, to define some principles supporting a Humanity Vision behind Innovation Technology at the Service of the Humankind in the Global MultiEthnic and Multi-Cultural Society. The attending participants will find some main themes raising by the actual historical context of the crisis of UN Institutions including WHO, the accellerating growth of the great third world countries and their cultures in transformation, the appearance on the world stage of financial cartels, as the WEF,coloured by nostalgic archeology of neo-nazistic background to dominate the world.

WABT International Forum on the Human Condition: Science & Diplomacy for {Global} Humanity -Understanding the Human Dimension- The Human Dimension: Science can expand the (DURC)
Human Dimension – The Human Condition:Technology can enhance the Human Condition – The
Golden Dual Approach – The Golden Duality of Humanity

The Scope of this Day is not to celebrate, is to promote the Humanity Vision of a Global Society of Freedom and Peace. Different topics may be controversial and will open the debate and the confrontation of ideas and proposals, to develop a society of awareness and knowledge for the progress of Humankind.

Main Themes:

The Bio – Threats and the Bio – Crimes – Human Safety and Human Protection and BioWarfare – Human Security is a Myth or a Cover-up or a Freedom Restriction Act? – Life Sciences, Bio Sciences and Social and Human Sciences: from the Natural Biosphere to the Bio-Labs to the populations and Individuals (the Ethics of the Protection of the Human Person and the Human Species)


Scientific Conference

March 18, 2023

The WABT Health Forum – WHF in Paris, will be dedicated to two main topics of Natural Immunity and Immuno-Genomics (the WIG Forum), including three main themes on Human Nutrition, Human Reproduction and Human Cognitive Evolution.
The new Era of Genomics and Synthetic Biology (BionanonicsTools), who can act directly or indirectly on the human Genoma, defines a new biomedical scenario where ethical consensus must be built on the principle of the protection of the human genoma construction, providing reparation and enhancement of the natural background. The dual role of new generation of RNA-based transfecting agents and the role of human cells as a drug factory will be discussed on experimental clinical trials.
The Health represents a Main Asset of the modern economies and bio-economies and the global umanitarian catastrophe of the never-ending Covid epidemics uderlines the need of collective efforts to re-found and/or to create a new sharing framework under the aegis of UN to reduce the health-care gaps among countries and to protect with a Universal Health Freedom Act the own choice of people and populations to take care of themselves (Open Health Values), according the cultural background and the ethical values of their societies.

Take home message

  1. Each society is unique, each culture is unique, each person is unique and the exercise of
    Freedom of expression, Freedom of creativity and Freedom of choice is the key of human
    values and the essence of Humanity.
  2. The Shift of the Sustainable Developmental program from UN to a private financial cartel
    must be severely antagonized and a new program must be proposed in UN: Save and Protect
    Humanity for his Progress.
  3. The transformation of WHO in an Agency for Biosecurity, Biosafety and Cybersecurity is
    an act of Bioweaponization of WHO that doesn’t fit the fundamental mission of this
    specialized agency on Health of UN. If this administration of USA and private financial allies
    want to have a global agency for biosecurity, transforming WHO in a World Security Agency,
    this irregular process must be antagonized and the foundation of a new Agency on Health
    must be proposed to UN: Human Health Protection Agency