Mystery labs: the most dangerous viruses also in Italy. Raffaella Regoli talks with Prof. Joseph Tritto.(IT►EN/ES/NL)

We managed to enter
the Science Park in Trieste.

Similar to that of Wuhan.

Their sole purpose is
to produce bacteriological weapons.

Are we turning Italy into a kind of Ukraine?

Are we becoming a new Ukraine?

There is an extremely high risk.
It’s madness.

(The Laboratories of mystery:
The most dangerous viruses also in Italy.)

When I arrive at the
Science Park in Trieste,

almost hidden between the mountains,
it is shrouded in fog…

like the mystery
of this high-risk lab,

where potentially deadly
viruses are handled.

Italy has no jurisdiction here
according to the UN convention.

The government pays, but no
official enters without permission.

We did, and see what we discovered.

This is the building where
deadly viruses are stored.

The area with the highest risk factor,
just like in Wuhan.

Here they study the viruses,
it’s a BSL-3.

– BSL-3 or BSL-4?
– 3 and 4, both.

– Here they study the most dangerous viruses?
– Yes Yes Yes.

– And you work here?
– Yes.

– Here mRNA is examined?
– Yes, mRNA, RNA, DNA, proteins…

– You also research the ‘vaccines’?
– Yes Yes.

So here we have
a P3 security laboratory.

This is the research center
that Draghi hastily…

wanted to refinance with
10 Million Euro per year.

This is the law, which renewed the agreement
between the government and this center in Trieste.

Immunity is guaranteed for those who
work there, including family members.

Furthermore, no tax whatsoever,
not even on their salary.

And payment in dollars.

Let’s see if we can enter.

Good morning!
Regoli from Mediaset.

We find out there’s a new director.

No longer someone from Trieste,
but an English virologist.

That says a lot about the
future of this research center.

Dr. Lawrence Banks.

– And he’s the new director?
– Yes, since 2019.

Listen to what the communications
manager has to say about the financing.

This one from Trieste is financed
by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

But you also accept
private financing, right?

Yes, internationally, such as
WIPO and the Welcome Trust.

– Bill Gates, right?
– Yes, Bill and Melinda, we have a project.

– Always for vaccines?
– For diagnoses.

You have understood correctly.

The center of Trieste is also
funded by the B&M Gates Foundation.

And the lab is about
to take a leap in level.

Thanks to the money from the EU,
the security level will become P4,

just like in Wuhan.

We already have a level P3,
but we are expanding.

– To become a P4?
– I think so.

And what is this project good for?

For research into new viruses
to prevent new pandemics.

It is a kind of task force
to be able to react quickly.

– So pavilion F1 is going to be expanded?
– Yes.

We’re well underway,
they’re setting up two floors of the lab.

Come on, let’s take a look at F1.

This is the F1 building.
Here is where the new labs will be.

This will be a P4,
a laboratory like Wuhan.

We see some of the machines
used for the experiments.

In order to also investigate more
dangerous viruses, I understand,

– The active viruses, right?
– To prevent future pandemics.

– Future pandemics…
– Hahaha, yes, let’s hope so.

I meet Prof. Joseph
Tritto in a hotel in Rome.

He is one of Italy’s leading experts
of bio-labs and nano-technology.

Why is Italy running so hard
to build those bio laboratories P3, P4?

Is Italy becoming a new Ukraine?

The P4 laboratories
essentially have a dual role.

As soon as they become P4 labs,

you immediately get interference
from the military world, that’s automatic.

They also serve for defensive
and offensive military research.

There is no doubt about that.

No doubt,
it’s not up for debate.

Is it a new evolution
after the nuclear bases?


– How safe are the P3, P4 laboratories?
– That’s a mean question.

If you have a P3 or P4 lab, especially P4,
in a densely populated area

is an extremely high risk
and difficult to control.

There is no zero risk
and it is not manageable.

I am going to Pesaro (~Rimini), where
a citizens’ committee has been formed

against the possible construction of
another P3 experimental laboratory.

Our children play there and there.

So that shouldn’t be there.

– So you’re scared?
– Yes.

We just had the
example of the Wuhan lab.

Are we going to make the same
mistakes again? Certainly not.

See the resolution passed by
the city council a few months ago

It is a project of the Zooprofilattico
institute from le Marche and Umbria,

for experimenting and manipulation
of viruses,

that are hazardous to
human and animal health.

The municipality needs to know that
they have to abandon this program.

This is exactly the wrong
place to put a BSL-3.

In an area like this, which is inhabited,
which has a completely different purpose,

it is not good there.

What I’m walking over now is the
land that the municipality has sold…

to the Zooprofilattico institute
to set up that P3 laboratory.

Sold for the price of 500,000 Euro.

I don’t even want them in Trieste.
I don’t want them anywhere!

We don’t trust it.

And we will do anything.
We’re not leaving here.

If necessary, we tie ourselves
to the plants of the site-

This is not going to happen!

Those laboratories have the sole purpose
of producing bacteriological weapons.

Do we take the laboratories out of Ukraine
and we bring them to Italy?

Are we becoming a new Ukraine?

Italy is obliged to follow
NATO’s strategy…

against potential external enemies.

And thus to produce biological weapons.

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France-based, italian Prof. Joseph Tritto is director of the World Academy for Biomedicine & Technology (WABT).  This is their “take home message” for the World Health and Humanity Forum organized in Paris 17-18 March 2023

  1. Each society is unique, each culture is unique, each person is unique and the exercise of
    Freedom of expression, Freedom of creativity and Freedom of choice is the key of human values and the essence of Humanity.
  2. The Shift of the Sustainable Developmental program from UN to a private financial cartel
    must be severely antagonized and a new program must be proposed in UN: Save and Protect Humanity for his Progress.
  3. The transformation of WHO in an Agency for Biosecurity, Biosafety and Cybersecurity is an act of Bioweaponization of WHO that doesn’t fit the fundamental mission of this specialized agency on Health of UN. If this administration of USA and private financial allies want to have a global agency for biosecurity, transforming WHO in a World Security Agency,
    this irregular process must be antagonized and the foundation of a new Agency on Health must be proposed to UN: Human Health Protection Agency.


Source: Fuori dal Coro
Possibly the least compromised weekly investigative jouralism program of Italian MSM

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