Awakening Humanity Flashes (mixed languages)

The planned and staged Wuhan Flu narrative of 2020 was meant to be the start of the end-game of un-chosen WEF-WHO-UN world domination. And for a quite some of people it apparently worked, basically in the western and so-called most developed ‘civilizations’ (Five-Eyes, EU and some westernized asian countries). But limited to those people that only watch TV and still think it’s telling reality, if it ever did. Of course TV here stands as the symbolic flagship of all corporate controled Main Stream Mass Media which also includes national radio channels and newspapers, and of course all the Big Tech de-socializing media.

However the backlash has been much greater than any Rothschild, Rockefeller, Schwab, Gates, Biden or von der Leyen (all of the Old World Order – OWO) would have expected. Obviously, their own forcasts were, off course, based on the same useless “calculations” by self-defined big mouth ‘experts’ and/or ‘Artificial Intelligence’ based on big data statistics (which by definition falls short and is always multi-interpretable) as they used for all their invented  global dramatic schemes like pandemics and climate-disaster.

More people than expected, in stead of falling for the Covid narrative, it woke them up. And not just to that narrative alone, but also to all future OWO nonsense, but also becoming aware that we have been living in an OWO nonsense society since more or less the late 18 hundreds. So now, indeed, an ever increasing number of people in the whole world are unstoppably growing into a global wave as the start of a new paradigm and era of awakening Humanity.