Night vigil for our Constitutional rights in all Italian cities | 29 nov 2022 (EN/ES/IT/NL)

The vigil in Milan

The anouncement of the vigil for all of Italy

Hearing of the Constitutional Court 30/11/2022

full session and some highlights.

First press release Constitutional Court 01/12/2022


The Court found inadmissible, for procedural reasons, the question of whether health professionals who have not fulfilled the vaccine requirement are unable to perform their work when it does not involve interpersonal contact.

In contrast, the choices of the legislature ADOPTED IN THE PANDEMIC PERIOD on the vaccination obligation of health care workers were found not to be unreasonable or disproportionate.

Equally unfounded, finally, were the questions proposed with reference to the provision that excludes, in case of non-compliance with the vaccination obligation and for the time of suspension, the payment of an employer’s allowance for those who have been suspended; and this, both for health personnel and school personnel.

This is all that the Constitutional Court’s Communication and Press Office has to say, pending the filing of the rulings.

Rome, Dec. 1, 2022