1961 Benjamin Freedman’s speech warning about Zionism.

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Benjamin H. Freedman warns of the plans being made to start a third world war that will involve the United States, with American troops being sent to Palestine to support the Zionists, leading to World War III that America cannot win. Zionists and their co-religionists have control over the US government, meaning no one will support the US in the war, and a worldwide boycott may occur against America. Freedman discusses how the non-Christian and non-white nations of the world may be at war with the US, tracing the manipulation of the US into World War I to allow the Zionists to obtain Palestine. He argues that Eastern European Jews descended from Khazar, not from the Holy Land, and the idea of Jews returning to their land is a lie that has caused unnecessary wars and suffering. Finally, Freedman calls on American citizens to write to President Kennedy to express their concerns about sending American soldiers to fight in foreign wars instead of relying on disloyal Jewish leaders.

*from: Summary of Benjamin H. Freedman’s Speech At The Willard Hotel In Washington, D.C. (1961) at summerize.tech

A highlight on JFK (starting around 49:30)

In New York City there are 400,000 members of the liberal party, all Zionists and their co-religionists. And New York State went for Kennedy by 400,000 votes. Now, I don’t blame Mr. Kennedy. I’m fond of Mr. Kennedy. I think he’s a great man.
I think he can really pull us out of this trouble if we get the facts to him. And I believe he knows a great deal more than his appointments indicate he knows. He’s playing with the enemy. Like when you go fishing, you’ve got to play with the fish. Let ’em out and pull ’em in. Let ’em out and pull ’em in. But knowing Mr. Kennedy’s father, and how well informed he is on this whole subject, and how close Kennedy is to his father, I don’t think Mr. Kennedy is totally in the dark.



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