Support Kennedy to FREE Assange! (EN►EN/IT)

Let’s make #GlobalSupportForKennedy go viral and increase attention for Julian, especially in the US.

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Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is an independent candidate for the 2024 presidential elections in the US.

Following the steps of his father and his well-known uncle JFK, Robert also strives for transparency, honesty and, above all, freedom of speech and the press (USAmerica’s First Amendment). He is the only presidential candidate who has openly and straightforwardly promised to pardon Julian Assange and Edward Snowden if he becomes president. In fact, no other prominent political leader in the world has ever publicly questioned Julian’s imprisonment by UK, except Yanis Varoufakis.

In addition, Kennedy defends bitcoin, cryptocurrencies and in fact also cash money, often assisted by Catherine Austin Fitts, against the planned and controlled CBDCs of the banks.
Furthermore, Kennedy has also waged an almost lifelong battle against the big pharmaceutical companies and, in
recent years, against the Covid narrative, Fauci and all ‘associated’ absurd and destructive measures, the disastrous consequences of which are noticeable worldwide.
These last two issues can also largely be traced back to the lack of honest and/or complete information in the press about the pros and cons and the real goals. Robert Kennedy’s presidency could truly mark an important step not only to “Make America Great Again” but to help make the entire world a more transparent, fairer, and better place to live.

But Kennedy is being silenced in his own country!

Unfortunately, Kennedy himself is the first victim of the non-free press in the US and is kept silent in his own country by Biden and the Democrats, by Trump and the Republicans, by the military-industrial complex, by Wall Street, the banks, big pharmaceuticals and by the dominant media (TV/MSM) themselves. He relies entirely on the smaller-scale alternative media, which have to compete against the multi-millionaire propaganda machines of Biden and Trump. A large part of US Americans and a much larger part in the rest of the world do not even know that he is a presidential candidate. Or that Assange has been kidnapped

It might be challenging, ironic and even funny if we from Europe and the rest of the world would do the work that Julian Assange might have wanted to do, if he had been free, and massively support Kennedy in that unfair fight by making #GlobalSupportForKennedy go viral and thereby help create a “better America” maybe even in our advantage too.

Extra pressure on the UK to release Julian Assange!

First of all, this campaign is intended as a statement to put even more pressure on the English authorities to free Assange. After all, they are the ones who have kept Julian kidnapped and subjected to torture every day through solitary confinement in Belmarsh since FIVE YEARS! With that ‘pretended’ extradition to the US as a welcome excuse for them. They are the ones who can decide to release him.
When they see that the world is not only standing up to defend Julian Assange himself, but is also willing to influence the US elections — after all — (in fact, one of main the reasons why both the US and the UK wanted to silence Assange), then their resistance to releasing him inevitably weakens.

Making #GlobalSupportForKennedy viral!

This does not mean that ‘we’ are suddenly all joining US politics. Politics has nothing to do with it really. As said, it’s about making a global statement. Because then we would no longer just be a bunch of crazy activists who are ‘just’ shouting to free their ‘leader’. No, it shows to a global consciousness that has the potential to move mountains. Or, in this case, to influence the USAmerican elections, right in the heart of the country where all the problems come from in the first place. Just the idea of it is strong enough, so why not take advantage of that and simply FEED that idea? It’s the same tactic they’re using against us! But then in the right direction.

What can we do?

  • Of course, generally sharing the hashtag #GlobalSupportForKennedy on Twitter, FB, WA, IG, TikTok, Linked-in an such is a start. You can attach the video, add a link to this page ( or provide your own explanation if you prefer. Do always include the reference to #FreeAssange!
  • Sending this specifically to friends, acquaintances or institutions within the US is already a lot more targeted.  It can have exactly the effect that Biden, Trump and the US media want to avoid at all costs: attention to Kennedy’s candidacy in the US itself and incidentally to Assange’s case who is also silenced there. Two birds with one stone!
  • Furthermore, our usual creativity for meetings, manifestations, t-shirts, buttons, flags, drawings, paintings, music, theater and whatnot.

Again, it is not about going into US politics, but about the extra push this could provide for the release of Julian Assange. If, against all expectations, US politics somehow gets better from this, we can consider it ‘just’ a pleasant collateral effect 😉


#FreeAssange = #GlobalSupportForKennedy
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. independent US presidential candidate has promised to pardon both Julian Assange and Edward Snowden.
It’s the most concrete statement ever made since Julian has been kidnapped by UK corrupt authorities (apart from Yanis Varoufakis’ support) and he will keep his promise.
But Kennedy needs support to be able to execute it, because he is being silenced by the corrupt US establishment.
All of us who want to #FreeAssange must help him and, at the same time, make a tremendous global statement all together! Let’s influence US elections for Julian from the outside, in the same way he might have done (again) all alone for us. Wouldn’t this be a great challenge, somewhat ironic and even fun? Let’s make #GlobalSupportForKennedy viral!
This is not entering in politics, this is helping a guy who has the greatest potential to end Julian’s agony. Share to all your  social media and friends (specially if they are in the US). Not just today, but remind them on a regular basis the coming weeks and make THEM share as well. (EN►DE, ES, FR, IT, NL coming up!)