They want continued war to be the “new normal”! | Julian Assange (interview 08/10/2011 – EN►DE/EN/ES/FI/FR/IT/NL)

Stop the War Coalition.

This year marks ten years
of the war in Afghanistan.

We have to ask the question:

are we entering in a phase
of continued war?

Because Afghanistan prior to its invasion
was the 2nd poorest country on earth.

Against Afghanistan, the Taliban,
who are Afghanians,

we have two superpowers.

One is the United States
and the other, Europa.

Europa spends five times more…

on its military and intelligence affairs
than China.

Just over half of that of the US.

These two superpowers have been unable
to subjugate Afghanistan.

CAN they subjugate Afghanistan?
Of course they can.

If there was a national will
in the US to do that…

and there was a national will
in Europa to do that…

of course they could subjugate
the second poorest nation on earth.

That they can not
is not nearly a reflection of the…

sophistication of the resistance
to occupation in Afghanistan…

and the sophistication of the Taliban.

But rather, it is a reflection…

of the lack of genuine will
amongst European and US soldiers.

Because the goal is NOT
to completely subjugate Afghanistan.

The goal is to USE Afghanistan
to wash money…

out of the tax basis of the US,

out of the tax basis
of European countries…

through Afghanistan
and back into the hands…

of a transnational security elite.

That is the goal.

I.e., the goal is to have an endless war,
not a successful war.

So stop the War Coalition is important.

Because we have to prevent it becoming normal
for there to be a constant war.

Very soon, within the next few years,

it will become the “normal”
for there to be a constant war in the west.

People will reach maturity and adulthood
under the understanding…

that there is always a war.

And at that point war will not be something
that is unusual or surprising or horrifying.

War will become the “new normal”.

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Julian Assange points out that the goal of leaders of US and EU is not to subjugate the Taliban, but rather to wash taxpayers’ money using an endless war.
Even worse, they want young people to reach adulthood under the understanding that there is always a war going on and accept it as something normal: War will become the “new normal”!


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