The Trust Fall: Julian Assange – Documentary (extract of teaser 1 – EN►DE/ES/FR/IT/NL)

Call to declare December 7 as “International #FreeAssange Day!
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Once Julian is released, it might then be renamed, simply International Truth Day (does not exist yet!) or however Julian himself wants to call it.

From the Gofundme site of the film makers,

Kym Staton, founder of Films For Change:

We are very excited to update everyone that we have finished the production stage and are now beginning on the post-production – the editing – for this film! Since may 2021, our team and I have been working on a documentary about and in support of Julian Assange, called ‘Free The Truth: Free Assange’. The main aim of this film is to gather more support for the campaign for Julian’s freedom. At its core, this is a political case and a mass public outcry is needed in order to pressure US, UK and Australian politicians to do the right thing and release him.

The uniqueness of this film is that, rather than focussing on the “what” and “when” of this story, it will instead mainly focus on the big “why” of the situation.


Agenda 2029 observation

We are convinced that in reality every objective person with a minimum of common sense already understands why Julian Assange was hunted, has been imprisoned and is currently being tortured (each day, the whole day, as long as he is kept in Belmarsh prison) by #USUK.

Julian Assange not only told the world, that

Wars are based on lies

he also showed the world!

through Wikileaks, most specifically with the release of the Collateral Murder video (popup) which, if true justice had prevailed in US-UK, would have put in Guantanamo or Belmarsh prison the persons responsable for the Iraqi war (among politicians, military, intelligence, journalists), instead of Julian Assange himself.

It will be most interesting for the global public to better know the details of this “WHY” mentioned by Kym Staton, because through Julian’s case it will expose (confirm) to them how the world really works and has worked for decades, with, unfortunately, precisely in the last few weeks and months new clear and dramatic examples of wars based on lies.

This documentary will certainly increase the knowledge and awareness of both “ordinary” citizens and hopefully at least some of the authorities, who will eventually have to decide to release him anyway, due to total lack of any valid legal argument.

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