Attention points

A few attention points can be followed as guidelines. 
(work in progress)

  1. Nature First
    Unavoidably, Humans simply cannot but live in harmony with nature to maintain our planet livable and lovable. A harmony that works both ways and also concerns the naturality of the things in (y)our life and the natural essence of Human life itself.
  2. Freedom of Speech
    Freedom of Speech, Freedom and Truthfulness of the Press (Julian Assange) and Transparency of governments (Cristian Terhes) and other entities. Privacy for the Individual (Edward Snowden),
  3. Justice and Equality
    This basically means no discrimination
    but it also definitely means no (overdone) positive discrimination (to the other extreme)!
    In the times that women, non-white races or homosexuals were really discriminated and even mis-treated, it may have been actually ok to give them the extra attention and help the needed. But the way in which this nowadays (about since 2019) is being overdone and even promoted and instrumentalized to pull Humans away from their true natural essence is totally absurd. 
  4. Go NON profit
    Blind profit-obsession is probably the origin of most of the injustice in the world
  5. Abolish Bank Secrecy
    Black money is the ultimate source of the greatest war, crime and (political) corruption in all countries and in the whole world…
  6. Science
    Science is beautiful, fascinating, enriching, discovering, learning and understanding. In addition,  good science is also open, objective, honest, humble, flexible, self-critical and sometimes even ironic.
    Technology is a derivative of science and has much of the same characteristics. However both have only added value if they are at the service of people and planet and not the way around or just for profit. Even worse, in recent time we are constantly seeing how “science” is being manipulated by “experts” (always some unknown anonymous group) to manipulate at its turn the public opinion.
    Open, transparant, objective and more-sided debatable science as it should be is not happening anymore, certainly not in corporate (social) media.
  7. Education
    Real eductation, both for children and grown-ups, should be focussed on how to enjoy life to its fullest, not (only) how to be a ‘profitable working slave’ for industry and burocracy or to become a mere extension of fisical or virtual machinery.
  8. Health
    True health is essentially natural. To its fullest extent it’s not just about “not being sick”, it’s about being vital. Keeping (y)our immune system in shape with healthy natural food is the best place to start. Pills and injections generally only fight specific symptoms while degrading the immune system as a whole.
  9. Our past
    The story of our past has been totally manipulated over the years, decades and even centuries and millennia. To better understand how we want to go forward, we should know where we are and how we actually got here, our true past and roots.
  10. Creating Community(s)
    On small scale empowering local, small-scale communities to be as self-sufficient as possible (food, energy, housing, work).
    On large-scale recovering Europa from the lame speculative market for banks and corporations back to a healthy Community for the people.
  11. Spirituality, Love
    and in fact: emotions, the essence of the human being but always forgotten by politics, law or bureaucracy. Curiously enough, to a certain degree, this ties back to the first point.

In the process this list may change. It’s just a guideline to start with, but anyway, 11 is a nice number ♥