A EU of Secrecy – TTIP 2015 (ES►EN/ES/IT/NL)

As John F. Kennedy famously said:

The very word “secrecy” is repugnant
in a free and open society.

Maybe even more so in Europa than in the US of which it somehow seems to be more known, more expected and less surprising, possbily because they had already accustomed everybody through the Hollywood movies and series that dominate the screen so much. But our sweet, lovely Europe, the old continent, our dear Community…? Or well, what once at least was the dream of “Our Community”, until they made it Their Union and definitely downgraded it to no more than a marketplace for speculators and financial sharks.

Secrecy in the EU had knowingly happened before with the false swine flu pandemic in 2009.
And now it’s happening again with the latest pandemic and its toxic injections, thanks to full collaboration by EUrsula von der Leyen and her big pharma husband Heiko (among some others of course).

An example so that we can assess the degree
of transparency in the European Union.

Here is the declaration that they make us
sign to be able to enter the secret room…

where they keep, under lock and key,
the TTIP documents.

We are reminded in this statement…

the need to comply with the rules
for consulting classified information.

One: ensure the security
of classified documents.

Two: under no circumstances,
by action or omission,

allow the information given
to be known by unauthorized persons.

Three: Don’t reproduce classified documents
or the information they contain.

And they remind us,
when we sign this declaration,

that, if we do not comply
with these rules,

there will be disciplinary action
or even legal action.

That is to say: they show us some documents,
in exchange for us swearing silence.

Silence in the face of an unprecedented
attack on our democracy and our rights,

which is being negotiated
between the EU and the US.

Silence while the multinationals draw up
an agreement tailored to their interests.

You impose silence.

We demand a referendum,
so that the people speak.

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