¿What New World Order?
OLD World Order! -> OWO

Pandemic > New Normal > Great Reset > Fourth Industrial Revolution > Build Back Better > Agenda 2030 > ???

The supposed Covid pandemic, with its corresponding restrictive measures, was only a trigger to impose fear upon global population and as an excuse to justify even more control by some self-defined ‘authorities’.
As long as they see that enough people continue to swallow their absurd narratives and comply with them, they will just continue to follow this long established chain towards that Agenda 2030 of theirs and beyond. This then should finally lead to what they themselves have anounced for decades and what many just seem to have picked up blindly. Something they call a New’ World Order – NWO.

It all makes absolutely no sense. To begin with they’re not going to get away with it. The whole construct is so anti-ethic, anti-human as well as anti-natural, anti-faith, anti-spiritual, anti-cosmic, anti-good that it just can’t work out. As Catherine Austin Fitts brilliantly expresses in the documentary “State of Control“:

“it’s not compatible with life.”

To set it straight: OWO!

More importantly however, they haven’t even been able to define themselves corrrectly. Being realistic and direct it can be set straight for once and for all:

They are not new… They are OLD!

Their ‘order’ is old, their ideas are old and, in fact, most of them are old. There’s nothing new about them, so if anything, they would simply (continue to) be the OLD World Order: the annoying continuation of what has always been, even if wrapped up in modernish fancy plastic or stuffed with mRNA for that matter.

OWO are simply the ever rich and powerful alpha-kind of men and (something similar to) women who live in their shared bubble of blind, selfish, arrogant and dictatorial obsession to impose their control and their will upon all others.

From Genghis Khan and the Romans, passing by the Spanish and English colonization, Napoleon and Hitler up to Klaussie, Bill, Mark, sleepy Joe and EUrsula it’s all the same old, same old (world order)! They have called themselves or have been called many names: elite, cabal, illuminati, satanists, eugenicists, transhumanists, Bilderberg, WEF, globalists and an endless list of more or less flattering alternatives. But in the end, they are best described by what they actually are: just plain, simple, boring, out-of-fashion Old World Order – OWO.

This is not an irrelevant issue. Language and terminology have great influence in our perception. That is in fact the reason why OWO themselves have been fooling around with definitions since prehistory.
Calling themselves “new” they make it sound interesting, maybe even important. It creates some kind expectance and maybe even hope. Using the correct word that confirms that they are actually OLD sheds a totally different light. Simply the same OLD stuff, more of the same, business as usual.
It’s good to be aware who you are facing and express that in how you call them. So, OWO!


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