The Shock Doctrine – Naomi Klein (EN►ES + links to FR/GR/HU/LT)

ES – subtítulado (Agenda 2029) y doblado (Odysee)
FR – sous-titrée et doublée (Odysee – La stratégie du choc – Naomi klein – 2009)
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IT – con sottotitoli (Agenda 2029)
HU – szinkronizálás és feliratozás (Bitchute)
LT – subtitruota (Bitchute)
PT – legendado (Odysee)

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The shock doctrine

How shock therapy for individual persons has also been applied collectively on society as a whole by some countries at least since World War II and still is. It’s an aggressive propaganda and manipulation policy that was started in the ninetieen-fifties by western intelligence agencies.

  • According to Klein, the ‘official’ narrative (government approved and publicized by MSM) says that neo-liberalism started in the late nineteen-eighties with Thatcher and Reagan, but its real roots lie in the seventies with general Pinochet’s military designed coup in Chile against democratically elected Allende, that was both strongly stimulated and supported by US president Nixon and the CIA. An authoritarian military dictatorship ruled Chile for seventeen years, between 11 September 1973 and 11 March 1990. The previously prosperous and highly democratic country was totally ruined and is still struggling to rise again from its ashes.–1990)
  • 22:11 after that, this policy was spread to other south-American countries like Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina… with yet another military coup against Isabel Perron.


More references

John Maynard Keynes versus Milton Friedman and Friedrich August Hayek

Naomi Klein on current Big Tech’s Pandemic Shock Doctrine

Argentinian view on the “war” of las Islas Malvinas that followed exactly the shock doctrine from both sides. (ES)

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